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[转帖] Impact of Suzhou Real Estate New Deal_Suzhou Real Estate New Deal 2018

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    #Zhang Meng revealed that he had a difficult pregnancy in the recent interview and often ran the hospital.Before stopping work, she made a guest appearance in the small role of Yu Zheng's new drama.Zhang Meng said that this was the role of herself, and Yu Zheng told her that she was no longer recognized by the audience or in the public's sight.Zhang Meng said that it was the nobleman who gave charcoal in the snow."I have been eliminated. I have been eliminated for many years. As long as I let me play, any role is okay, do not pay for it and the position.

    "Zhang Meng made a debut at the age of 15, and the 22 -year -old guest was in the corner of Wei Zifu," Beauty's Hearts ", and the camera was very stunning. Qingxiu made Zhang Meng quickly become popular."The episode was broadcast in the eyes of the public.

    After Zhang Meng's starting point was very high, but after "the first -hand good card was bad", Zhang Meng was involved in many negative news. After that, she deeply cultivated the goods industry, but Zhang Meng's biggest wish was to continue acting."I especially want to scold myself ten years ago. I didn't know how to cherish it when I was young, so I wanted to do whatever I want."

    Some netizens commented: "Don't facelift, it's really beautiful before. Wei Zifu has a lens better than others." Zhang Meng once plastic surgery during the popular period, and once lost his acting arts.In her career, although she has realized her mistake, the market will not stay for her.

    Yu Zheng also opposed Zhang Meng cosmetic surgery."You are so beautiful, but you do n’t have it. I have told you a long time before you asked you before the whole. I also gave you the pure concubine of" Yanxi Raiders ". Then I saw it for the second time. IIt scared "dead", that nose scared me, really scared me "to death". How many times I told you, how many times I quarreled with you, I tell you that I will not use you anymoreOn your birthday, why did I leave for a moment, because I saw your nose towering into the clouds. "This is what Director Yu said to Zhang Meng in a show, you can imagine that YuI can't persuade it.

    可张檬的整容原因更是令人直呼不理解,张檬称自己当年为爱整容,Reps ShoesExclusive information website因为当时张檬的Exclusive information website前男友说她丑就去整容,她当时怎么那么傻,Cheap Reps因为别人的一句话而Going to cosmetic surgery, my boyfriend said that you should change him, instead of self -destruction. With this face, cosmetic surgery is equivalent to disfigurement.

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