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[转帖] Enter into the scientific world and experience the charm of scientific and technological charm

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    In order to enrich the students' extra -curricular life, recently, the New Era of Yangfang Village, Baitu Town, Fengcheng City, organized students to carry out "walk into the scientific world" social practice activities.

    During the event, the explanator explained scientific knowledge to students in an easy -to -understand, vivid and interesting language, and mobilized the interests of students to observe, explore and discover the interest.The students entered the museum under the guidance of the staff, and the magical world in front of them immediately attracted the children's curiosity.Children take the initiative to observe, think carefully, and actively operate, and understand the scientific principles behind the wonderful phenomenon in their own experience, and enhance their desire to explore the scientific world.

    When extracurricular activities are inserted into the "wings" of technology, the children's curiosity and curiosity are inspired.They visited, operated, experience, and experience the magical power of science and technology in front of each booth.VR technology, magnetic suspension trains, natural science, mechanical combinations, and cutting geometry have strongly attracted them to actively participate.The children carefully observed, discussed, practiced, and experienced the magic of science with many small question marks, and felt the convenience of life brought by technology.

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