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[转帖] All -carbon SHELBY COBRA 60th Anniversary Edition, thousands of horsepower are used for only $ 1.2 million

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    Author / Cool Motors

    TheFirst-line information website production of the Shelby Cobra car is not small, but the official authorized version of the modified company Classic Recreations has attracted a lot of attention at this set of debut at the Montere Motors Week.

    This limited edition Cobra, called "Diamond Edition Carbon Fiber Shelby Cobra Race Car", is to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the birth of the car. The car uses 39.9 kg of carbon fiber body.The overall weight of the entire car is expected to be less than 2300 pounds (1043 kg).

    The most significant feature of the appearance is that the car is equipped with a set of carbon fiber car shells. The texture on it is clearly visible. At the same time, the car has the classic muscle shape of the shelby Cobra.wind.

    The huge heat dissipation fan and medium cold on the front also directly reflect the power of the car must be very powerful.

    In addition to lightweight body, this SHELBY COBRA is also equipped with a 5.0 -liter third -generation COYOTE Aluminator engine from Ford Racing. The power system is equippedIt can output 1000 horsepower and 1016Nm torque.

    The engine is equipped with Tremec six -speed manual transmission, with a acceleration of 3.9 seconds, and the speed can reach 306 km / h.

    In addition to the ultimate power system, the car is also equipped with a suspension system, with components created by milling process, and customized oil and differential coolers.

    The car is also equipped with a set of 6PF 4PR brake system customized for Shelby and multiple forged wheels with inner concave concave.

    The car is limited to 10 units, which are priced at 1.2 million US dollars. Two have been sold at present, and the use of the car is -only in the track.


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