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[转帖] The original men's basketball team Li Nan: The woman gave birth to a baby at the age of 43, her son fought CBA, and 49 -year -old was idle at home

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    Original title: Men's Basketball Famous Hostel: TheExclusive information website woman is 43 years old to give him a baby, his son competes for CBA, 49 -year -old is idle at home at home

    #: Family Story of Basketball Superstar

    ## describe:

    Recently, the family story of our basketball famous Li Nan has attracted people's attention in social media.His woman was over forty years old and gave birth to a son for him, and this son has now grown into a CBA player.However, Li Nan, who is now 49 years old, stays at home and is idle, which has caused people to doubt and think.

    ## text:

    Li Nan, a legendary basketball superstar, his name is deeply rooted in people's hearts.However, there is a touching family story behind it.

    According to reports, Li Nan's woman is now 43 and gave birth to a son for him.This son has shown his love and talent for basketball since he was a child.Today, he has become a CBA player to work hard for his basketball dream.

    However, it is unexpected that Li Nan, 49, has never returned to the basketball field, but chose to leisure at home.For this former basketball superstar, this is undoubtedly a ironic reality.

    Li Nan's basketball career is brilliant. On behalf of our men's basketball team, he participated in many international games and became the banner of our basketball.However, after his career, he faced an unavoidable retirement problem.New identity and new life are a huge change for him.

    However, Li Nan did not choose to continue to develop his career in the basketball field, but chose to guard the family.He gave up the stage that once belonged to him and put his energy and time into the family.

    This decision may be regrettable, but it is also full of family emotions and responsibilities.Li Nan's woman put huge efforts and sacrifice in the process of giving birth to a child. He chose to accompany the woman and children at home to return and cherish the warmth of the family in his own way.

    However, such a choice also aroused questions and speculation from the outside world.Some people think that as a basketball place, Li Nan should continue to develop his career in the basketball field and inherit his experience and wisdom.However, Li Nan's choice is for the latest family in his heart.

    Everyone has their own life path and pursuit, and Li Nan is no exception.He chose the family in his own way and found new value and significance in the family.Although he is idle at home, this does not mean that he has given up his love for basketball and his contribution to the basketball career.

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