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[转帖] Xuewo in Shandong Peninsula: Snow over 50 cm!The large -scale heating up is about to attack, and cold air can't stop

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    TheCurrent affairs hot websites Shandong Peninsula becomes a "snow nest" again. The snowfall is really too strong. The snow is over half a meter (50 cm). The children are afraid that they will not see the figure in the snow pile.

    That's right, according to the snow volume data released by my country's climate center, during the 12.20 period, the Shandong Peninsula appeared as large as Blizzard, the local blizzard, Weihai Wendeng's snow reduced 26.3 mm, and 23.7 mm in Yantai.

    As of 12.21 in the morning, Wendeng and Yantai snow had a depth of more than 50 cm. Therefore, this is indeed quite powerful. I hope that friends on the Shandong Peninsula will pay more attention to the strong snowfall strength.Why is Shandong such a strong snow?

    In fact, this is a "special" snowfall. Everyone often calls it "cold snow". In the winter, compared with other areas of Shandong, especially in Yantai and WeihaiEssence

    Because the snowfall in these two cities is mainly cold snow, accounting for more than 80%of the total snowfall days.It is because the sea is rich in water vapor, and the water temperature of the sea water is higher than the inland surface in winter, so the air above the sea surface is relatively warm and humid.

    When the cold air falls south, when the warm and humid air above the sea rises to a certain height, it will condense into snowflakes, falling down, forming snowfall, and cold flow snowfall is also called "big lake effect".

    To put it plainly, it is actually the condition that the conditions are so good, so it constructs the foundation of snowfall.

    From the perspective of Fengyun satellite images, you can clearly see this "subconscious" state.Therefore, there is such a situation every year, and it is not an exception for local friends.

    In addition to the snowfall in Shandong, a large area of ​​my country is "rainless and snowy", and a small number of rain and snow are distributed in Guizhou, Sichuan and other places. According to the trend, it is expected that it will continue until late December. "Small scope" is not a big impact. Don't worry, this is the basic situation of rain and snow.

    The next time is the time of my country's "warm and warm fluctuations".

    That's right, under my country's continuous low temperature, and many areas northwest, North China, and Northeast my country are still at the lowest temperature or the average temperature of the daily lowest temperature than 5 ° C. A new round of cold air will also come to add a force, but the impact of the new cold air can only be said to be generalized, and the time is not long. It is expected that on December 26 and 27, there is a wave of cold air activities that can quickly enter our country.

    The strength of the my country Climate is also lowered. From strong cold air to half of the "cold air" state, it is preliminary that it is expected Fall more than 8 ° C.

    From the perspective of numerical images, in fact, it is mainly to fluctuate in the northeast, North China and other places, which is not strong.Friends in the south don't have to worry about "stronger" cold air activities. The trend does not see a stronger southward south, but after slow low temperature continues, enter the temperature.

    It is the "temperature rebound" I have always told everyone.From December 25, large -scale warm currents have continued to enter, and my country has entered a comprehensive heating.

    And this wave of heating up is strong, the first to fluctuate is in Hebei, Henan and other places, as well as the northwest direction. Although there will be less cold air interference in the middle, the overall trend has not changed.A strong change.

    And after further promotion, northeast my country, North China and other places may have a "red pot bottom" phenomenon on December 31st, and it is reddish. "" ".

    my country's Climate Center also explained in the medium -term data that before December 24, the temperature in the central and eastern parts continued to be significantly lower than 4 ° C, and then gradually recovered, and the temperature in the northern region would rise to close or high.did you see?It may be high again, which also shows that the temperature is strong, the cold air is very weak, and it can't stop.

    In fact, from the forecast data chart of the national temperature distance in late December, it can be seen that the large -scale heating and rebound in my country is still strong. Only South China and other places have not yet changed the process, but this is not to say that South China will not rise. These two have no absolute relationship. Everyone must look at it separately.

    Therefore, the north and south areas will not continue to be cold, and the heating will appear.Pay attention to the "warm and warm fluctuations" in the middle.

    In addition, the typhoon embryo activity is still continuing. Will Typhoon Ayunni appear No. 18?

    The 92W typhoon embryo continued to develop in the Northwest Pacific Ocean, but after "accidental enhancement", the 92W has weakened. The wind speed has only been 15kt, which is equivalent to 7.5m/s, and the central air pressure value is 1005HPa.The simulation data from GFS shows that it is expected to not be enhanced, and EC is even more optimistic.

    Therefore, Typhoon Ayuni, No. 18 this year, will not be generated.

    But here you can mention it, that is, the residue of Typhoon "Jelawa" No. 17 this year, which may be enhanced in the future.

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