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[转帖] The keywords are the "Champions" Chinese Women's Basketball Annual Influence Report Release

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    Original title: The热门新闻 keyword is the "Champion" Chinese Women's Basketball Annual Influence Report Release

    On December 20, the China Basketball Association released the "China Women's Basketball Team 2023 Influence Report".It is mentioned that among the more than 1.21 million related data sources obtained through the "Chinese Women's Basketball" through the entire network, the most mentioned keywords are "champion".

    According to the "China Women's Basketball Team 2023 Influence Report", the peak of the Chinese women's basketball team's 2023 influence appeared during the Asian Cup and Asian Games. The relevant articles on the entire network were 400435 and 642794, respectively, with more than 8.5 billion readings, respectively.And 7.9 billion times.It is worth mentioning that 123 million non -repeated TV audiences have witnessed the Chinese Women's Basketball Asian Cup to win the championship.

    Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, said that the first task of the Chinese women's basketball team in 2024 was to participate in the Paris Olympic Women's Basketball Team in Xi'an, Shaanxi.In order to prepare for the war, the women's basketball girls will not be able to reunite with their families."In 2023, except for competitions, training, etc., our girl only has less than two months of personal time. In such a short period of time, they must maintain their personal competitive status.Personalized. "Yao Ming said," 'Tongxin to Paris', there is no end point on this road. I believe that on this road, our Chinese women's basketball girl and Chinese basketball will have a better future. "

    Zheng Wei, head coach of the Chinese National Women's Basketball Team, said that she couldn't remember what year it was for the Spring Festival at home.She thanked the Chinese women's basketball team, family, fans and partners for their support."We are fighting for the country and fighting for glory for the country." She said, "I can have so many partners with each other, I am very moved, my grades are inseparable from your silent support behind your back.

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