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    Hold "I'm really an ordinary person!》 Seeking collection ~
    Jiang Hanran is Hot discussion information websitea talented athlete who ended his sports career due to an accident.

    Opening her eyes, she wore a cannon fodder girl in the entertainment industry.

    The so -called cannon fodder female mix all the way to death, bullying people, forming a control, to contribute to the love of the protagonist, in the eyes of the public, it is like a mouse in the gap, nausea and smell.

    She tied a training system to tell her that she had the opportunity to continue to realize her dream in another world.

    Until she came to this world--

    She looked at the body that had returned to the same starting point as the previous life and smiled.

    Jiang Hanran: Cannon fodder?Who loves who is.

    Just be spurred by everyone, thinking that she can no longer turn around--

    After the idol movement jumped out of amazing jump, that black and red love beans actually retired!

    No longer continue to bloom with people on the show, and turn to enter the national team!

    From the youth group to the adult group, the re -start of the professional path, the hard -to -go back to the right track, rotating, jumping, and ice flowers splashing.

    The ice -blue body slipped, and she used her artistic expression and appeal to bring everyone to her world.

    Rotate and glide.

    The girl's figure is elegant and cold, like a butterfly that flies with wings, blooms wildly on the ice.

    This is her stage!

    Since then, there is one less cannon fodder girl and one more world -class skid athlete.

    ——I will jump out of her era!

    The white ice rink, she is the supreme skid queen!

    The following is a thunderbolt

    *The heroine has a very thick and thick golden finger, which is very thick. After all, it is a novel. Don't enter the words of Lei. I'm really sorry.
    In the early stage, there was a part of the entertainment industry.Little idol group ... but there is almost nothing, it is short, and there are not many related descriptions.
    *I can’t play directly without practicing. Some fingers arrange to make her physical age change. Training can return to a similar physical state in the previous life. If you can't accept this surreal, you can pay attention to it.
    *Parallel world is not reality. Do not learn from any realistic character image events.No implies connotation.
    *For reference reality, some of the other references and private settlements are not necessarily available with reality.
    The author is not a professional, I have tried my best to check it.
    That's how it is ~
    Wen Yan wore into three cannon fodder men's sisters.
    The top -flow men's group Shenyan Aidou, the super handsome extreme sports Vloger, and the cool madness of the president.It sounds good?
    But in fact, their biggest thing is that in fact, three of them have two nine leaks.


    The hot variety show "Misty Games" is famous for live broadcast and brain burning, and has caught the glorious record of nine leaks of fish in the entertainment industry.The nine leaks of fish are in danger. The musicians finally voted to participate in the list, and several younger brothers were among the best.

    In the original text, the three cannon fodder brothers and sisters were contrasting, and their feelings were broken. One person collapsed alone.
    Wen Yan looked at his wallet, and it was sad.Take a look at a few younger brothers, and her brain is more empty, so she made a request:

    "In real -time guidance to participate in the show, the hourly salary starts at 10,000.
    "Of course, if necessary, provide learning supervision services.
    Yes, the college entrance examination simulation questions in Wen Yan's hands and the general review book for teaching for teaching are about to move.


    In the show, the top of the men's group Shenyan's face was flowing in the brain burning plot, and it looked all in control.

    In fact, the hidden headset is a tip of the girl Lengbing: "Go forward, do you see the table, go open, there is a device in the drawer, the way to unlock is ..."

    The smile on the face of the gentle white cut black tyrant's face is gentle and elegant. Looking at the girls who have a good feeling in front of them and the love rivals on the side, they are planning to do something, but the cold and ruthless sound comes in the headset.

    "My dear" good brother ", don't look at what you plan to do, I know, she will not like you, it will be exposed, and go."

    The teenager of a juvenile explosion is planning to talk about his own out of the show on the show, but he was frozen by a sound that seemed to have been soaked in Hantan.

    "Said, you like the best book in school, the five -three, what you like most is to brush the question, what do you want to do without reading?"

    One headset, three channels, real money may not be true, but can be exchanged for 100 % satisfaction guidance!

    The last three cannon fodder brothers burst into fire in the variety show, and the people set up perfectly. The nine -year compulsory education leakage fish was stuffed back from her outside the net.

    As for those teenagers, they hesitated to watch her get deeper and deeper with other people, but found that her sister and them were confused when they were just money .. It depends on her mood.

    Yes, your sister picked up a super invincible boyfriend.

    Three teenagers: pinching tightly, the fist was pinched tightly.

    With a full bank card, Wen Yan was relieved.The only thing I do n’t understand is, why did she be hot?

    Fans: Climbing the wall.Who doesn't love calm and smart and cute beauty sister?Ha? Zhengzhu, no, who loves fans, who will go.

    The male lead appears a little later QWQ

    Pre -collection collection

    "Guyao Wentian Renjia, I don't want to do it today"

    Jiang Yunuo was wearing a wealthy passenger A in ancient times.

    The ancient essay here does not refer to the ordinary ancient essays, passers -by, and naturally not ordinary passers -by.The giants are naturally ... are ordinary giants.

    This is a world of fusion of four novels. The keywords are true and false, cannon fodder women, chasing the cremation field of his wife and the dragon king.

    Romance novels, do not throw such a 100 billion hundred billion yuan, and do not match all kinds of luxury luxury yacht shows.
    Passenger A is an important crowd in the novel. It must be patted and settled at the atmosphere. There must be such a group of people.
    Adding bricks (adding oil and vinegar) is the normal state, and there are more ridiculous and sarcasm and bragging lines, which is naturally essential.

    What is bald is that this is not a novel, but four.
    And she must not only always arrive at the scene, but also plays a good identity.
    Jiang Yunuo was overwhelmed, so he had to turn his eyes to the same time as a gifted.
    The clothes worn at the time of this time are always Pu Pu Guan Su never see the label, and everyone is humble and polite.
    Jiang Yinuo: Just you!My God of God, a passerby friend.
    The relationship between the two gradually heats up, and go out to be a passerby every day to make a lot of money!

    So with a small theater:

    Divine Literature Stadium

    After watching Jiang Yinuo running before running, a man who looked down was broken by a bunch of people. According to Jiang Yinuo, he was the future ... the dragon king?
    What adjectives are this!
    The girl's mouth hates "Oh, can enter here, count you luck."
    After speaking, use your eyes to signate the news.
    When I heard this time, I raised my eyes and asked
    "What is this, dog blood or?"
    Jiang Yinuo: Don't manage, say lines.
    I sighed at the time of this time, and said one word by word: Thirty years of Hedong, 30 years in Hexi.Today you look down on him, wait ...
    Know the father -in -law of the dragon king at the time of Wen this time: ???? You will become a big device!
    So it was only inexplicable to be able to succeed after the miserable efforts, and it directly changed the trajectory of the novel.


    When I heard a lot of things at the time, I rushed back to school. When I returned to school, I saw Jiang Yunuo sitting under the basketball court to applaud the school grass, handed the water, and was rejected expected.
    The long eyelashes projected a shadow, glanced at the grass with eyes, and the eyes were cold.
    He sighed again when he saw Jiang Yinuo, who was in the eyes of Xingxing.
    Forget it, wait.
    School grass: I was shocked, what did I do wrong ??


    True and False Thousands of Gold Main Stadium:
    The fake Qianjin toe was high, and everyone looked down on Jiang Yu Nuo. Jiang Yunuo silently touched his ears and nodded silently.
    "Yes, yes,"
    However, although so, the beautiful sister, the novel heroine, a certain dragon king male, and various supporting actors were familiar with Jiang Yunuo.

    Beautiful sister: Who dares to make you unhappy, is it this company? I acquire it for you.

    Cute heroine: Don't be unhappy, I will take you to play, who makes you unhappy tell me that I let the family kill them with money.
    Supporting role of various protagonists: They don't love you, we love you!
    I heard it silently at this time ... and me.
    As a result, the fake gold was shocked, and the entire true and false script collapsed directly.
    Mom and Dad's best relative: Don't leave, we only have you in your heart.
    Joke is of course impossible.Jiang Yunuo waved his hand without leaving a cloud.

    Later, after the task was over, after receiving the entire data of the characters, Jiang Yinuo received the name when he saw the name of the villain.

    Ruined.Jiang Yuuo thought.

    It turned out that he wasn't pretending to be poor or really rich ... She asked this big demon to do so many shame ... Jiang Yunuo trembled, run, run now!

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