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[转帖] Original innovative Kia SONET real car debut, young interior technology, provided three power options

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    Kia,热点新闻 as an important representative of the Korean car brand, can be said to have a high status and influence of rivers and lakes. Facing the increasingly fierce car market in the present, Kia Automobile has continued to layout and enrich its own models.Fans' praise and pursuit. Previously, the new model of the new Kia SONET version appeared in the new car directory of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The new car is positioned as a small SUV. Its appearance has caused many fans and friends. With the declaration of the new car declarationThe exposure of the figure is expected to be too far away from the official listing.A few days ago, Xiaobian learned from the relevant channels that the new Kia SONET real car has officially ushered in in India. What surprises will it bring to us?Let ’s take a look at the editor below.

    First of all, in terms of styling design, according to the real car map above, we can see that the new Kia SONET uses the latest family design language. At first glanceThe appearance of the old Kiya SONET is relatively obvious in appearance. The large -sized air grille with a large size of the front face and the dotted chrome -plated element in the inside look very high -level, and the logo has replaced the Kia brand’s brand’sThe latest logo, the C -shaped daytime driving lights with LED light sources on both sides, plus the decoration of a large number of chrome trim surrounding a large amount of chrome trim, make them look a fashionable and sporty visual experience.As a small SUV, the side body on the side of the new car looks more compact. The windows around the window and the roof luggage rack have been treated blackened, plus the full personality below, which further enhances the overall youth as a wholefeel.It is worth mentioning that in order to meet the aesthetic needs of different consumers, the new car will also provide both GT Line and X LINE.

    The rear part looks round and full. The new car adopts the current popular penetrating tail light design, plus the high brake light, and has a good recognition after lighting at night.The hidden exhaust layout has enhanced the overall fashion and exquisiteness.In terms of interior design, the new Kia SONET basically continues the design style of the old models, but it has been adjusted in some details. The central control area layout is clear and regular. A large number of physical buttons are conducive to the driver's daily convenient operation operationThe suspended dual -screen design design looks very technological. In addition, the new car is also equipped with practical driving assistance functions such as collision warning, active braking, lane departure warning system, etc.With slender gears, as well as large -scale soft materials and decoration of chrome trim, it creates a comfortable and practical interior atmosphere.

    In terms of power, the new Kia SONET will provide a 1.2 -liter car engine/1.0T gasoline engine and 1.5 -liter diesel engine to choose6 -speed AMT gearbox or 7 -speed dual -clutch transmission/6 -speed AMT transmission or 6 -speed automatic transmission.In summary, compared with the old models, the new Kia SONET has a certain degree of adjustment and optimization in terms of design or interior atmosphere.What else do you think?In the future, the new version of Kia SONET is listed on the market. How much is the right price?Welcome to exchange and discuss together.(Eighteen/Edit)

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