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[转帖] Mr. Siegfried Fau, Director of the Media and Admissions Department of Foreign Staff School

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    November 11,List of information websites2023 "Wing Show" Family Education Forum and 58th Shanghai International School joint exhibitionIt was successfully held at the Dream of Shanghai Dragon.At this exhibition, the principals, heads, and the in charge of the well -known international school jointly provided a "one -stop" solution for families with international education needs to help children choose a good school and a good teacher.Welcome to the scene of "2023 Wing Exhibition Future Family Education Forum and Shanghai International School Union Exhibition".Today, we are very honored to invite Mr. Siegfried FAU, director of the media and admissions department of Foreign Staff School of French French Foreign Staff. Hello, please and we to introduce you and your school.Which Chinese families do you think are more suitable for children to choose international education?

    Siegfried FAU: Today, I am very happy to participate in the Education Fair. It is an honor for our children's children and children in Shanghai. It also allows everyone to have more opportunities to learn about our school.We were founded in 1999 in Shanghai French and children's children. There are two campuses in Shanghai, one in Qingpu and the other in Yangpu.A school two campuses provide the same French education system courses.What education is not a simple choice in Shanghai, think about many aspects.Shanghai French school is also a good choice.

    First, we are very concerned about the language learning of students.Every student in our school must learn 3 languages, French, Chinese, and English. From the kindergarten, you can choose English and Chinese enhanced classes.There are also French diplomas to study in various countries around the world. 50%of students go to France to study each year, and 50%go to Canada, the United States and European countries. This diploma also allows these students to go to the best university because it is a gold content content.A high diploma.Shanghai French schools have students from all over the world from 45 countries, and they are a very diverse school.Of course, don't forget that we are still European schools with European characteristics, which are mainly due to the same campus because we share the same campus with German schools.In recent years, many families from Spain, South Korea, and Hong Kong have also chosen French schools.The main reason is the reason: First, students generally have good grades.Second, the diploma is internationally recognized.Third, after graduation, you can go to higher education institutions around the world to study.We also set up a two -year French enhancement class for students who do not speak French. If those students start registering our school from kindergarten, elementary school, and junior high school, our 26 French enhanced classes will specifically treat these.Students arrange French concentrated courses to help them enter the French education system more smoothly.Welcome to register the children of children from French Foreign Staff to give your children a three -character experience teaching different from other schools.

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