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[转帖] The pilot development pilot of the cultural undertakings and cultural industries in Xicheng District launched the first batch of three pilot units to broadcast the report

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    People's Daily Online,全球资讯 Beijing, December 25 (Bao Congying Yu Zhiqiang) On the morning of December 24th, the integration of cultural undertakings and cultural industries in Xicheng District (hereinafter referred to as "two industries") pilot launching ceremony and famous master's readingReading the first event through offline interaction and online live broadcast.The first batch of the "two industries" development pilots in Xicheng District launched the three pilot units of Xishu No. 31 Cultural and Cultural Park, "Xinhua 1949" Cultural and Financial Innovation Industrial Park, and Star Drama Village.Reading new sharing, new stars, new plans, and new creative lives are supported by content, so that citizens can enjoy a more fulfilling, richer, and more quality spiritual and cultural life.

    The pilot development of the two industries is an important measure to solidly promote the prosperity and development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries in Xicheng District.Looking at the advantages of its own industrial foundation and resource endowment, Xicheng District explores two -way force from the top -level design and grassroots exploration. The cultural industrial park is carried as the main body.The new model, through the resource Unicom, space joint construction, and activities jointly, promote the construction and sharing of cultural facilities, cultural talents, cultural services, etc., and promote the deeply enable empowerment of cultural industrial parks and neighborhoods, business districts, and communitiesNew formats stimulate new consumption.

    The event coincided with the "National Reading Month" in December. Shan Xiangxiang, the president of the Chinese Cultural Relics Society and the director of the Academic Committee of the Palace Museum of the Chinese Cultural Relics Society at the scene, shared his story of reading and writing with you.

    During the first and new activities, Shan Yixiang started from "The Grand Canal drifting the Forbidden City", telling the relationship between the predecessor of the Grand Canal and the Forbidden City of the World Cultural Heritage of the World Cultural Heritage, as well as the important canal in our history.effect.He said: "I am glad to tell more readers of the Grand Canal again, and I also look forward to more people, especially the younger generation, and can throw their eyes into the Grand Canal. More people of insight can be ableIn the research, protection and utilization of the Grand Canal. "

    According to the relevant person in charge of the Xicheng District Cultural and Tourism Bureau, there are 15 municipal cultural parks in Xicheng District.As of now, there are 558 enterprises in the park, of which 396 cultural enterprises have accounted for over 70 %."Xicheng District will give full play to the demonstration role of the first batch of pilot parks, and in the area of 15 industrial parks in the district as the" test field ", radiation drives other cultural industrial parks, forming a two -way empowerment of cultural undertakings and cultural industries, social benefits and economic benefits are unified with each other., Further promote cultural benefits, culture as the people, and cultural benefits, help the construction of the public cultural service system demonstration area of Beijing, and draw a new blueprint for the prosperity and development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries. "

    This event is hosted by the Xicheng District Culture and Tourism Bureau, hosted by the No. 31 Cultural and Cultural Park of Xishiku, the Public Cultural Professional Committee of the China Cultural Management Association, the Xicheng District Cultural and Creative Industry Promotion Center, the Xicheng District Committee Network Information Office, Xicheng District Rong MediaCo -organized by the center and Shichahai Street.Before the meeting, the participants visited the Zhixiang Space of Cultural and Innovation Park No. 31 in Sishku, and thoroughly understood the construction of the park construction and the integration of the cultural undertakings and cultural industries in Xicheng District.

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