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[转帖] The Qingdao City Football League is on the list!The State General Administration of Sports announced the first batch of "three big goals" boutique events

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    Original title: Qingdao City Football League!TheBreaking news website State General Administration of Sports announced the first batch of "three big goals" boutique events

    The Qingdao City Football League is on the list!The State General Administration of Sports announced the first batch of "three big goals" boutique events

    Peninsula reporter Pan Lichao

    In order to promote the prosperity and development of the "three major goals" events in the masses and give full play to the leading role of the demonstration of high -quality events, the State General Administration of Sports has launched the first batch of "three major balls" boutique event case recommendation work, and selected 54 outstanding innovative and typical excellent excellenceCases were announced from December 19th to 25th.The Qingdao Urban Football League, as a football boutique event, is shortlisted for the publicity list. In addition, Guizhou Village, which is popular on the Internet this year, is also among the publicity list.

    The Qingdao City Football League began in 2005. After more than ten years of development, the multi -level league system with super, A, B, and 40 and 50 groups has been formed.The breakthrough has become an important business card for the development of social football in Qingdao.In 2023, the "Latte Beer Cup" Qingdao City Football League was well received by society in terms of overall organization level, level specifications, and service guarantee, and played a good role in leading demonstration and radiation driving.

    The list of the first batch of "three major balls" of the first group of people is also the recognition of the General Administration of Sports on the social football work of Qingdao.Qingdao gives full play to the leading role of high -quality events such as the Urban Football League, and builds a social football game system with rich categories, clear grades, wide coverage, and high participation.Brand, annual social competitions at all levels have exceeded 5,000 games, the participation and satisfaction of the masses have been significantly improved, and the development of urban football is strong.

    The Peninsula All -Media reporter learned from the Qingdao Football Association that the Qingdao Football Competition system has formed four categories: professional events, mass competitions, youth events, and fashion events.There are more than 100 amateur football clubs and nearly 30 city -level mass football events each year.In addition to urban league, Qingdao also has different types of amateur competitions based on different groups, such as corporate league, community league, five -person cups, middle -aged and elderly league, youth competitions, and so on.Related data shows that more than 5,000 mass football events are held each year, and the city has participated in more than 500,000 (300,000 adolescents) in the city.There are 1077 football fields in Qingdao City (including 240 standard football fields), and each 10,000 people have 1.07 football venues, ranking among the forefront in the country, which greatly meets the fitness needs of football enthusiasts.Professional teams including Qingdao West Coast and Qingdao Red Lions also started the stage of the Chinese Football Professional League by participating in the Qingdao Urban League and appeared on the national arena.

    There are also a few decades of history in Qingdao's amateur clubs. It is very valuable to stick to it for so many years. I hope that through the exploration of the amateur club, it contributes more to Qingdao amateur football.In the amateur competition system, in recent years, new types of events such as college alumni competitions and chambers of commerce competition have been added.Create and innovative.In 2022, Qingdao was awarded the "National Football Development Key Cities" for the third time. The smooth recovery of this series of competitions will help further create a strong city football atmosphere and increase the attention of Qingdao citizens to sports work and the construction of key cities in Qingdao football cities.Degree and satisfaction.In the future, the Qingdao Football Association will further increase its work and continuously create a rich form of competition. In particular, it is necessary to innovate and improve the game system of mass football, and make greater contributions to the development of the football industry in Qingdao and even the country.

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