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[转帖] Cameroon Youth Dialogue Agricultural Manager: Rural revitalization cannot be separated from our own CEO-International Online

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      The最新新闻 great career 丨 Cameroon Youth Dialogue Agricultural Manager: The revitalization of the countryside is inseparable from our own CEO

      The rural rejuvenation has been comprehensively promoted. How can Xingnonghui farmers play a role?

      Men Du, the head of the Cameroon and the head of the African Youth Shipping Team, took this issue on this issue to drive a train to Henan Lancao to experience a new profession -agricultural managers.

      In Hezhai Village, Lancao County, Men Du picked pears, experienced the entire process of processing and sales of pear products, and communicated face -to -face with the secretary of Hezhai Village Branch and agricultural managers.

      Men Du learned that during the 1960s, Jiao Yulu encouraged the local masses to develop pear trees in a large scale during his tenure as the Secretary of the Lancao County Party Committee.Today, with the continuous and solid progress of rural revitalization, Hezhai Village, Lancao County not only has 10,000 acres of pear gardens, cold storage and processing plants, but also its own live broadcast base.

      From the perspective of Mendu, agricultural managers are "rural CEOs" — they run enterprises in the village to deeply process agricultural products, forming an industrial chain, which not only increases farmers' income, but also creates employment opportunities; they have passed various types through various types;Channel sales products combine traditional models with live live broadcasts, sell products to domestic and foreign, and also create a civilized and comfortable entrepreneurial environment.

      Men Du believes that China's rural revitalization model can also bloom in African countries, and China's agricultural managers have important reference significance for African countries."I hope China's agricultural managers will have the opportunity to go to African countries to teach experience."

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