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[转帖] The National Climate Center analyzes why the warm winter is so cold: the cold air of the Arctic is going south to the south

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    News on December 20th,Express information website in recent times, most regions of the country have experienced cold waves, and many people have said that they have never been so cold.

    However, the remarks of "warm winter" and "warmest year" analyzed by various institutions and experts before are still vivid. Netizens are very puzzled. What are the warmest years?

    According to the public account of the National Climate Center, in fact, when we talk about a certain year or a certain month, the warmth,It is not determined by a single weather event, but by comparing the average temperature of the entire period, whether it is significantly higher or lower than the same period of history.

    For example, from November 3rd to 7th this fall, a cold wave weather occurred in most parts of my country. During this period of time, the temperature of the cliffs was reduced, which was much lower than that of history. Since 1961, it is the highest, so it is "the warmest autumn".

    Why is the cold air in autumn and winter so strong under the background of global warming?

    According to analysis, because there is a huge temperature difference between the equator and the polar ground, this difference promotes a strong circle of western wind around the periphery of the polar circle, surrounded by the polar ground, which is called the rapids of the west wind.

    West wind rapid flow is like "fence", restricting the cold air of the polar, stable polar vortex is limited by the strong west wind rapids in the Arctic region.In the context of global warming, the temperature increase in the Arctic is 2-3 times that of the world.

    The temperature increases in the Arctic region. The temperature difference between the low and low latitudes is weakened. It is difficult to maintain a powerful western wind rapid flow.

    The cold air from the Arctic is far lower than the low and medium latitudes of our lives, and the cold waves that appear many times make people feel very cold.

    In simple terms, because of global warming, the "seal" of the North Pole's cold air was loosened, and the cold air was southward.

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