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[转帖] Today | International Basketball Day

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    Original title: History today | International Basketball Day

    International Basketball Day

    World Basketball Day

    Yao Ming once said: effort is 今日头条not necessarily successful, but she must have failed!What basketball brings us is the spirit of disapproving and hard work!


    World Basketball Day

    On December 21, 1891, a basketball invented by American physical education teachers and Dr. James Neismisi, a festival of the first World Basketball Games, so people use this day as an international basketball day to commemorate this day.

    Today, what we see this basketball is also improved many times. At first, two peach baskets were nailed to the railing of the gym standing stand. The peach basket was 3.04 meters from the ground.Use football as a game tool, throw the basket, pitching into a basket of 1 point!Nowadays, basketball is not only a complete rules and regulations, but also the most popular top -level event alliance NBA.

    Related investigation

    World Basketball Day

    According to the "China Basketball Development Report" recently released by the China Basketball Association, there are 125 million people with "general basketball population" and 76.1 million "core basketball population", and basketball has become the first sport in collective balls.

    At the same time, 74.9%of the public chose basketball as the main sports skills, 93.6%of parents choose basketball for their children, and 96.6%of teenagers think playing basketball is their own choice.

    Basketball is an important way for family members to participate in sports: In the family of 3-17 years old, nearly half of parents play basketball with their children; more than 60 % of their parents have brought their children to watch basketball games.Basketball can greatly improve our physical fitness and great help to our physical and mental health.

    From this, we can see that basketball has gradually become one of the most universal national sports projects, but also one of the favorite sport in the hearts of teenagers.

    Famous star and famous saying

    World Basketball Day

    I can accept failure, but I never accept myself. ——Mike Jordan

    If you don't even believe yourself in yourself, who will believe you. —— Kobe Bryant

    Don't let others decide what kind of person you want to be. —— Dennis Rodman

    Once you decide to do something, there is no reason to say "I can't." —— RussellInWesbrook

    You must want to be the most diligent person in this field to have a chance to succeed. ——Stephen Curry

    Precautions before exercise

    World Basketball Day

    Nowadays, whether it is adults or children, you can see people playing basketball happily on the school's playground, on the basketball court of the park or in the basketball hall.However, paying attention to these items before playing can effectively protect yourself to avoid injuries.

    1. Protect important key parts: Basketball games are very fierce, so it is very easy to occur and sprains by joint ligaments, so pay attention to protecting your key parts.

    2. Reasonable arrangement of exercise: Long -term large exercise volume will not only cause physical function decline and resistance, but not to achieve a healthy fitness effect.

    3. Master a reasonable play technology: Friends who play basketball should pay attention to the training of basic skills.

    4. Do not drink carbonated drinks after playing basketball: Drinking carbonated drinks is very easy to cause calcium loss in the body, especially after the exercise is just finished.

    5. Adjust your body and relax your muscles: After playing basketball, you should quickly dry the sweat and change your clothes and walk slowly.Wait until your body returns to a calm state before leaving.

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