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[转帖] Andrei Onna issued a warning of the African Cup, Manchester United goalkeeper will face major decisions

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    Andrei Onna issued a warning of the African Cup,real time news website Manchester United goalkeeper will face major decisions

    The goalkeeper seems to play for Cameroon in the African Cup next month, which means that he will miss at least four Manchester United games.

    Former Manchester United midfielder, Cameroon star Eric Jimba-Jimba, said that if fellow Andrei Ouna continues to participate in the African countries cup in January, he may lose Eric TenghagNo. 1 player.

    Onena returned to the international arena after retiring the indomitable male lion this year.Since he joined Manchester United, he has participated in every game, although there have been some mistakes in the first show, although Altay Bayindir, who was introduced in the summer, has not yet completed the first show.

    Cameroon will unveil the game against Guinea on January 15. This is the second day when the Red Devils played against Tottenham's Spot, and the third round of the FA Cup against Atletico Vegang.If he finally decided to participate in the African Cup, if Cameroon entered the finals on February 11, he might miss at least four Manchester United games.

    Ouna has improved recently, but in the first five months of joining Manchester United, his performance was not convincing.DjEMBA-DJEMBA said that if the 27-year-old player agrees to fly to Cottida next month, then Barinidir may occupy his position for a long time.

    "For him, one of the questions is that even if he played well in the next month, he would leave for a month to go to the African Cup. He knows that if he is gone, maybe he will lose his position in Manchester United."He told BBC African Sports."He must decide what he is best for him. He only needs to do the most favorable for his career.

    He added: "I don't know what (Ouna) is thinking, what he wants to do. I am not a selfish person -I will not say to him to play for Cameroon, because if I say so,It means that I don't care about his career in the club. He must decide what is best for him.

    From 2003 to 2005, under the leadership of Sir Ferguson, Jimba played 39 times for Manchester United.He said he could understand the pressure of Ouna in Manchester United, but supported him to recover from the beginning of a bump.

    "Everyone knows that Manchester United is one of the largest clubs in the world," said the 42 -year -old player."When you come to Manchester United, they will not give you time.

    He continued: "If there is anything in his mind, he will not change. You will see that the goalkeeper sometimes makes mistakes, and the next day they cannot play because they are afraid.

    "Maybe some fans are getting used to his game style now. They need to achieve more success and more victory -but this is very difficult at present.

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