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[转帖] The Beijing Children's Sports Association Member Conference was successfully held!Sports player team attended!

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    It was reported on December 21 that in 2023,火速资讯 the Beijing Children's Sports Association Member Conference was successfully held in the third floor of the Sixonghui Shopping Plaza in Shijingshan District, Shijingshan District.The president of the association, Professor Dong Jinxia, Mr. Zhang Luping, and the secretary general Ms. Wang Liping attended and delivered a speech separately.Mr. Zhao Gang, the founder of the Sports Gang and General Manager of Sports Bo, and Ms. Zhao Ziying, the founder of her small player, and Ms. Yang Liwen, the founder of the little player, attended the meeting.

    Professor Dong Jinxia, president of the association, introduced the work plan of 2024 and guided the voting of important issues of the meeting.All members attended in the voting session were actively voting to ensure the fairness and democracy of the decision -making of the conference.Subsequently, Chairman Dong Jinxia told the work plan of 2024 and the outlook for future work. He also focused on the work goals and main work content of 2024.

    During the awarding ceremony, President Dong Jinxia and other associations awarded plaques on vice president units, director units, and some member units, and encouraged everyone to continue to play the role of model models in future cooperation.Ms. Zhao Ziying, co -founder of Sports Player, and Ms. Yang Liwen, co -founder of sports player, received a photo of the plaques and chairman Dong Jinxia.unit.

    Sports players are the children's sports brands jointly created by Sports Gang Brand Institutions and the Sports Bo Online Company's planning team. The two co -founders Ms. Zhao Ziying and Ms. Yang Liwen have rich market experience and large -scale event organization experience. The development of the Beijing Children's Sports Association, with a new concept and communication method, advocates that parents and children exercise together, adhering to the cultural concepts of good exercise and good example, and will use their rich large -scale event planning, operation and communication experience. By organizing a variety of early childhood sports activities, the international advanced children's sports concepts are systematically combined, applied, and disseminated to promote and promote children's sports to truly deepen every children's family, comprehensively help and promote my country's sports power and healthy China. Realization of grand goals.

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