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[转帖] "Children to build a dream, the Beauty of Drawing the Filling -Daxue" Communication and Information Engineering College of "Dust Dust Pickup" Campus Library Volunteer Service

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    Twenty -four solar terms are the products of ancient farming civilization. TheFirst-line information websitey are the knowledge systems formed by the ancient ancestors in response to the agricultural time.Thousands of years have become an important part of the outstanding Chinese culture.In order to inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of China, on December 10, 2023, the "Dust Dust Get" campus library special detachment of the School of Communication and Information Engineering, Chongqing Communications College of Communication and Information Engineering, jointly "green fingertips" low -carbon energy -saving volunteer service special detachmentTogether with the Yangjiawan Community, the second phase of the "Snow, Snow" 24 solar terms of painting is successfully held to Yangjiawan Community.The number of participants in this event was more than 30, and the total beneficiary was more than 60.
    Before the event was officially, members of the detachment collected uniformly and took a car to the Yangjiawan community together.Under the distribution of the person in charge of the detachment, members of the two detachments cooperated together to jointly complete the preparations such as venue layout and equipment debugging, and the activities carried out in an orderly manner.

    As the children arrived one after another, the event officially started.The host made a simple opening remarks, and then led the children to understand the characteristics of heavy snow and festival customs, explained the significance of the snow solar terms to farming production, and expanded the content of solar terms.

    After the relevant content was introduced, the "Dust Dusk Pickup" detachment with the members of the "Green Fingertips" detachment accompanied and guided the children to complete the creation of heavy snow and solar terms. Between the brushwork, the "big snow" in the children's hearts also leapt on the paper."The lunar month is like the spring, but the bustling season is depressed."Although it is extremely cold during the snowy season, the company of each volunteer at this moment is destined to warm the heart of each child present.

    Happy time is always short, and in a laughter, it also came to the end of this event.The host summed up the event, calling on each child present to learn traditional culture and take over the relay stick of cultural heritage.In the end, the children took their own works with the members of the two detachments and took a happy photo with the two branch members, and saved this warmth, and the seeds of cultural heritage were also kept attentive.

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