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[转帖] Gold refresh the historical high, and the market views are different

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    Gold continues to sing high,hot topic website refreshing the historical high, and the 2000 mark is completely fixed.

    Question 1: Why does gold continue to rise and refresh the historical high?

    Answer 1: Gold has a slight recovery after the historical high, but the overall strength is still obvious.With the exception of the 2000 integer, the market has entered a new field.After being effectively standing in 1920, it is difficult for the market to find the level of pressure from a pure technical perspective.After further breaking 2000, the uplink space is also continued.

    Question 2: Will the bullish atmosphere of gold change?

    Answer 2: For the bulls, as long as the gold is maintained above 1960, the market's bullish atmosphere will not change significantly.Although there are sometimes callbacks, there are no reasons for the upsurge or reversal trend.

    Question 3: Why is the recent increase in gold so fast?

    Answer 3: The recent gains of gold are really unexpected.After breaking the $ 2,000 ounce, a senior investor reduced half of the position, thinking that this location needs to be confirmed multiple times to consolidate.Global spreading globally in the new crown pneumonia's epidemic rising.

    Question 4: What are the reasons for different views of the golden market outlook?

    Answer 4: The reasons for different views of the golden market outlook may be many aspects.On the one hand, the performance of economic data is mixed, the epidemic has not ended, and the economy is difficult to recover quickly.On the other hand, in July, the Chi Shang Institute will amend the new gold futures contract rules, which has triggered the return of COMEX positions.At the same time, the contradiction between China and the United States has deteriorated, and the geopolitical problems have been prominent again, which supports the rising assets.

    Question 5: What is the position of the gold ETF?

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