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[转帖] China comes again, pursue the victory, and runs through Africa from Asia

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    TheHot discussion information website second meeting of the China -Sali Three -Party Joint Committee will be held in Saudi Arabia in June 2024.It seems that this will form a normal mechanism.The three kingdoms of Zhongshayi represent different international forces, which also represents the integration of three different international forces.The Three -Party Joint Commission is not the highest leadership committee or the highest decision -making agency, but it does have symbolic significance and leading role.This means that China ’s international routes are supported and adopted.And this route is very different from the Western world led by the United States. The Western world adheres to the international order is led by Western and is the international order below the United States.

    Therefore, when international geopolitics conflicts and need to be selected or expressing their positions, everything is based on Western interests, and must ensure that the leadership of the Western world is unchanged.The typical representative was said by former US President Barack Obama: "The United States will lead the world for another hundred years."

    The Chinese international route is a multi -pole route for peace, respect and development.Of course, this will not be over -the -time, it takes time.However, it can be expected that within 20 years, substantial changes will definitely occur.This time appears earlier and changes faster than our expectations.

    Looking back at the time point, the content of January 2022: "The Six Kingdoms of the Gulf turned to China, and the Asian economic circle emerged."This is economic aspect.Then it was in April 2022, "Global is divided into two oil systems! China has so on its rise in Asia."This is in terms of energy.It is now expanding from Asia to Africa.

    In fact, it was news from 2020, and China and Iran will sign a 25 -year strategic agreement.From that time, we saw that China will find a breakthrough in the Middle East through Iran and extend the influence to the Middle East.The China -Iranian strategy agreement was not signed until March the next year.From then on, it has changed almost three years in three years.

    However, these three years have occurred within the office of Biden.What can I say at this time?It can only be said that there are so many changes in Biden's term.Ironically, when Biden first came to power, he also "touched the tide", abandoned the unilateralism of Trump's period, and changed to the United Alliance to deal with China.For the United States, it seems to see the dawn of China.Once upon a time, the dawn of the front line evolved into a natural gradient, and the banner of leaders in the United States gradually faded.

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