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[转帖] Guideline Golden Master: Gold price fell in front of the US market in front of the US market, and made a lot of views near the support point.Provider FX168

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      Many people always think about what is 特快资讯we struggling in this market day and night?It is nothing more than seizing the opportunity to divide the cake in the market.In fact, it is not so easy. Many people say that they have no fortune and gradually have an indelible fear of the market. Every time you seduce every time you seduce, you have never missed.Shan, because you are afraid, you are in the market.It ’s not too deep in the market. In the final analysis, you are too naive. Every time you think that after you repeatedly think that the time is mature, have you ever thought that there is a word called things?Difficulty in the market, trapped in cooperation, and died of misleading.

      Interpretation of Gold Message:

      On Tuesday (December 29), the price of gold before the US market fell, and the price of gold was strong due to the hope of cutting interest rates. American data attracted much attention; the gold price rose slightly on Tuesday, once rose 0.79%to $ 2078.77/ounce, which was supportedInvestors are looking forward to a series announced this week to further clarify the outlook of U.S. interest rates. The bulls are still scared and currently falling to nearly $ 2066.31/ounce."The short -term bullish trend at the key support level of Gold at the key support level per ounce is still intact. In 2023, the price of gold rose 13%in 2023, the first annual increase since 2020. Due to the hope of the Federal Reserve's hopes for interest rate cuts in March, it has increased to avoid the right to avoidDemand for insurance assets.

      The focus of this week is to announce the announcement of the previous policy meeting. Investors will find more clues about this year's interest rate cuts.The tone of the FOMC meeting in December changed, so traders will carefully study this pigeon tendency, especially Federal Reserve officials are paying attention to.The market is currently expected to cut interest rates in the Fed in March of 86%.The vacancies and data in the United States and the December of December will also receive close attention to further clarify the interest rate path.In terms of technology, the spot gold may re -test the support level of $ 2062 per ounce. After falling, it may fall to $ 2053

      On the first trading day of 2024, it continued to maintain an upward trend. The current transaction price is stable above $ 2070.The market is closely paying close attention to the issuance of the Federal Reserve Conference and the release of non -agricultural reports this week. Prior to this, the price of gold is expected to maintain a shock.The rise in gold prices on Tuesday was supported by the Federal Reserve's interest rate cut in 2024. Investors expect a series of economic data announced this week to further clarify the prospects of US interest rates.

      Gold technical analysis:

      From the perspective of the current market, the Golden Day is still a state of divergent upward, and the main structure is still bullish. After continuous rising, a certain space repairs are also reasonable.The initial adjustment does not break this place, so the main structural trend of gold is still strong.The technical maximum allowed to retreat to the previous intensive points of the trading and transaction dense points 2050. If the time is extended, the 20 -day moving average may also rise here, so the 2050 is regarded as the largest space range that allows retracement to retreat.If the 2050 is lost, the overall structure of the gold may still retain the expectations of bullishness, but the short -term trend will inevitably be greatly affected.If 2050 keeps it, there will be greater highlights on Friday's non -agricultural data this Friday, and there will be no big room for recovery at the beginning of the week.

      After the Golden 4 -hour chart was retracted, a wave of Lianyang rebounded. The Bollinger began to close and entered a new year.The short -term structure has shrunk.The space may be slightly convergent, and the structure is also in long and short conversion. It is not weak to see if it is strong.Although the anti -pumping strength is relatively strong, the top shape does not appear, and the probability is also a high shock.At present, the daily highs have fallen, and it is temporarily unable to determine whether 2088 last Thursday was twice, so it is very critical today.Today, pay attention to the resistance near 2080, and the pressure can still fall at a high altitude. Pay attention to the low point below. Whether it can be continued depends on whether the low is broken.Jin Shi suggested that rebound shortness and short-term recovery are supplemented. The short-term focus on the top of the 2078-2080 front-line resistance. The short-term focus is on the support of the 2046-2050 front-line support. Friends must keep up with the rhythm.It is necessary to control the position and stop loss problem, and strictly control the loss. Do not resist the operation.Recently, the market turmoil is relatively large, opportunities and risks coexist, and control risks and re -income.

      1.2 Gold Operation Strategy Reference:

      Empty single strategy:

      Strategy 1: Gold rebound 2077-2080 to be short (buying a down) position in batches, 6 points of stop loss, target near 2068-2060, break the position of 2050 lines;Be cautious!)

      Multi -single strategy:

      Strategy 2: Gold Return 2050-2053 Make two-tenths of positions in batches (buying up) in batches, 6 points of stop loss, target near 2060-2070, and see the first line of 2075.Be careful when entering the market!)

      Free benefits in the technical guidance group: The market is ever -changing every day. We have a strong analysis team to make a deep judgment. It is necessary to ensure that each order can make a profit!I am getting rich overnight. I just want to settle in the bag! The profit is very good. I score nine points alone, and I rely on luck in one point, eight points to rely on strength! One day and two days is luck, what about two weeks? Whether it is in the circle or the group issuanceStrategic, or major financial websites, team teachers are current price lists! Daily analysis team technical guidance groups announce daily market trend push in real time, real -time current price orders are rational, well -known, open and open, free of charge, free of charge, freeEnter the group experience inspection!

      (Add Guide Jin Shi (WX: Zns8632 QQ: 1503556243), apply for free application to directly enter the group experience. The current price of 3-5 single) Solemnly promise to add a friend of the Guide Jinshi.Tell you the correct way of making a single method and mentality, a variety of solutions to lock orders.This is the key to letting you turn a profit!

      Free benefits in the technical guidance group:

      ① Daily update: The trend of the market, reminding in the market, and the opportunity to build positions.

      ②, feature column: questioned and questioned privately, solve the trend of the day.

      ③ Welfare broadcast: The golden and medium -line opportunity layout, continuous tracking (band opening).

      ④, Xin Fan Welfare: Trading War "King of K -Line Transactions", teach you how to do a good short

      Non -myself customers provide general directions and expectations. They will update trend analysis and operation ideas every day. Those who need to examine their strengths can be seen. You need to pay attention to the suggestions.If you think about it, you can operate with the real market. I feel that I can't help you or if you have any questions. If you have any questions, you will continue to investigate, so as not to delay everyone's time. After all, time is valuable, not for waste.

      The real harvest operation plan:

      1. 5,000 US dollars mini warehouses, operated in a stable and conservative solution, the expected income point is above 50%

      2. Standard warehouse of US $ 13,000, operated by a short and medium-to-short-term combination. It is expected that more than 70%of the income space

      3. Advanced warehouses above $ 80,000, supplemented by short -term and mid -line, mainly long -term, expected to be more than 90%of the income space

      Guideline Golden Master -Focus on Gold, Market Analysis!Accuracy and profits are the only criteria for testing strength!Trend investment, avenue to simple; profit control is first, risk control is king!We do not do dead bulls, nor do we die. We must do the market slide and do the trend!The fundamentals determine everything, the price is tolerant, the K -line reflects everything, and the technical face interprets everything!If there is no trading principle and discipline, the technology is equal to zero, and it will lose everything!If the position has a single set or a serious loss has appeared in the near future, you can add a guide to the Golden Master!

      Guidance time: 7:00 am at 7:00 am at 2:00 in the morning.

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