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[转帖] Brazil's Kalina Rare Earth Mine for the first time announced the amount of resource volume

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     ACLALA Resources Inc. announced its first resource in the Carina ion adsorption rare earth in Carina,一线资讯 Brazil.

     According to the results of the 201 spiral drilling (1630 meters in total) and 1418 sample analysis that have been completed, the initial estimate of this project speculates that the amount of ore resource is 168 million tons, and the total rare earth oxide (TROO) quality is 0.151%, which can be taken into accountRare earth oxides (DREO) quality is 0.0477%.

     According to the boundary value of $ 7.4/ton, the average net smelting factory return (NSR) value of the project is US $ 32.3/ton.

     The project contains a large number of crickets, 铽, and 钕, and these rare earth elements are very important for electric vehicles and wind turbine to produce permanent magnets.

     The rare earth recycling technology of Aklara's trial in Chile can be used for the project and can minimize costs and environmental impacts.

     The shallow burial of the mine makes the peeling ratio very low (<0.4), and the production cost is low.

     The company plans to complete the preliminary economic evaluation in January 2024.

     At present, the project is undergoing anti -circulating drilling and is expected to be completed in the second quarter of next year.

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