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[转帖] Tickets for the All -Star Game in 2024 are on sale today, fans will vote for tomorrow

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    Original title: Tickets for the 2024 All -Star Game will be on sale today,时事热点 fans will vote for tomorrow

    Today, the NBA officially announced an exciting news, that is, the tickets for the Indiana All -Star Championship in 2024 have been officially launched today.This grand basketball feast will be held in Indianapolis from February 16th to 18th this year. At that time, there will be top players from the East and West to compete on the same stage to bring wonderful games to the audience.

    In order to increase the sense of participation in fans, this All -Star Game will return to the classic east and west competition system, with four controls, 12 minutes per quarter.Different from the past, this current All -Star Game will no longer set target scores. In this way, the victory and defeat of the game will be more dependent on the player's personal strength and team cooperation.

    In order to give more fans the opportunity to participate in this basketball feast, the NBA official decided to start the fans' voting session tomorrow.Fans can vote for the All -Star Players in their minds, which will become the representatives of the current All -Star Game.The voting time is from December 20th to January 21, a month of time.

    In short, the Indiana All -Star Game in 2024 is undoubtedly a basketball feast that cannot be missed.Whether you are a fans who love basketball or enthusiasts who are passionate about basketball, you must not miss this rare opportunity.Let's look forward to this wonderful game together and witness the style of those outstanding players on the field.

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