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[转帖] Consumer REITs sells fixed -file Huaxia Jinmao Commercial REIT on January 22

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    Rex,Hot discussion information website the consumer infrastructure that has attracted much attention from the market, has recently made new news.Huaxia Fund issued an announcement that Huaxia Jinmao Commercial REIT (referred to as: Jinmao Business, Fund Code: 508017) will be officially released from January 22 to January 26, 2024.The amount of 400 million copies of sales share is calculated. If the release is successful, the total amount of raised funds is expected to be 1.068 billion yuan (excluding the interest of subscription fees and subscription funds at the raising period).

    According to the data, the total share of the fund that the China Securities Regulatory Commission is allowed to the Huaxia Jinmao Commercial REIT is 40 million yuan, of which the initial strategic matching fund share is 301.92 million, and the number of initial funds on the offline sale is 68.656 million.The number of initial fund shares was 29,424 million.

    Huaxia Jinmao Commercial REIT completed the inquiry work on December 25, 2023.As a consumer infrastructure REITs, Huaxia Jinmao Commercial REIT has attracted capital attention during the inquiry stage.During the inquiry period, the fund manager and financial adviser received a total of 13 inquiry quotation information of 23 off -selling objects managed by investors.EssenceFund managers and financial advisers negotiated to determine the subscription price of Huaxia Jinmao Commercial REIT based on the results of the inquiry.

    According to the requirements, during the release of Huaxia Jinmao Commercial REIT, offline investors who provide valid offer must be subscribed and paid online from January 22, 2024 to January 26, 2024.9: 00-15: 00 for the raising period.During the subscription price, public investors can subscribe through the securities operating agency or fund manager and the off -site fund sales agency entrusted by the on -site securities operating agency or fund manager.Subscription on the market should use the securities account of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.The subscription adopts the method of "subscription, shares confirmation".

    According to the release announcement, the value of infrastructure projects based on the subscription price (1.068 billion yuan), according to the amount of allocated amount disclosed in the fund recruitment instructions, Huaxia Jinmao Commercial Reit, November 1, 2023-December 31, 2023 and 2023 and December 31, 2023 and December 31, 2023The distribution rate in 2024 (the scale of the annual distribution amount/public fundraising fund is expected to be raised) is 4.75%(annualized) and 4.92%, respectively.

    Huaxia Jinmao Commercial REIT underlying assets Changsha Luanxiu City is located in the core business district of Meixi Lake sector in Xiangjiang New District, the first national new district in the central region, with a construction area of about 100,000 square meters. It has been operated for nearly 7 years since its opening at the end of 2016.As the first Lanxiucheng work under China's Jinmao, Changsha Luanxiu City is the most mature high -quality shopping center in the prevailing city system.The fund recruitment instructions show that the annual passenger flow of Changsha Luanxiu City has exceeded 10 million.The compound growth rates of sales and operating income from 2020-2022 reached 20.45%and 31.6%, respectively, in the period of high-speed growth.In addition, the project's passenger flow density has reached 0.42 people/㎡, which is at the excellent industry.With the blessing of advantageous location, high -quality customer base, and solid consumption foundation, Changsha Luanxiu City has maintained a high -speed development trend close to full rent in 7 years.

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