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[转帖] Preventing low temperature rain and snow frozen | Low -temperature weather pays attention

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    Recently,breaking news website strong rain and snow appeared in many places across the country, and the temperature dropped sharply.Experts suggest that the winter climate is cold, and the incidence of cardiovascular diseases generally increases. It is more likely to develop in continuous low temperature, rain and snow, and strong winds. The public should pay more attention to cardiovascular health.

    Why is the cardiovascular vascular more likely under low temperature environment?Zhou Xiaoming, deputy chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Department of the National Cardiovascular Disease Center and the Fuwai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, introduced that due to the large indoor and outdoor temperature difference in winter, the human blood vessels were rapidly contracted and diastolic. In order to maintain body temperature at low temperature, the human body would shrink the peripheral blood vessels.The burden on the blood of the heart pump increases, which can easily cause the blood pressure to increase and increase the amount of blood in the heart. These are a serious test for patients with cardiovascular disease.

    Especially in some extreme cold and low temperature weather, the human body's sympathetic nerves are excited, the heart rate is accelerated, the blood pressure increases, the body circulating vascular contraction, the increase of peripheral resistance, the increased myocardial oxygen consumptionFarming.

    Experts of cardiovascular disease experts from Fuwai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences reminded that the early morning is fast -paced, outdoor activities at low temperatures, bathing or sauna too long, etc., which are easy to become the "high -risk moments" of cardiovascular.

    Cardiovascular vulnerability in the morning, risks such as myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac death reached a peak in the morning.After a night of rest rest, the blood pressure is relatively low.After the human body is awake, blood pressure will rise rapidly, especially patients with high blood pressure in the morning are even more obvious.Patients who have had a history of cardiovascular medical treatment in the past, "carp banged", got up, immediately worn clothes for activities, and quickly got up to brush their teeth and wash their faces, which would cause the vagus nerves to control heart rate and blood pressure to be too late to adjust the regulation.

    Experts suggest that after waking up in the morning, do not get up immediately. Let's lie down and move your limbs and heads. After 3 to 5 minutes, you will get up to move. Do not immediately open the window to blow cold wind or wash with cold water.

    In addition, outdoor exercise in low temperature environments is also easy to bring risks to patients with cardiovascular disease.Long -term low temperature exposure may cause heart rate to accelerate, increase the burden on the heart, cold may also stimulate platelet aggregation, increase blood viscosity, thereby increasing the risk of thrombosis.

    "In cold weather, patients should avoid strenuous exercise and avoid increasing the burden on the heart." Zhou Xiaoming said that although "cat winter" can avoid the blood pressure caused by cold weather, sedentary can also increase the risk of thrombosis.Proper exercise can maintain a good state of cardiovascular. The public should keep warm during exercise to avoid sudden exposure to low temperature environments.

    In low temperature, many public like to take baths or sauna.However, people with cardiovascular risk factors, such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes, must be cautious when bathing and sauna.

    Due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter, the high temperature during bathing or sauna can lead to vascular dilation, increased blood flow, and increased heart burden.Immediately attracted attention and stop the event.

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