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[转帖] How can a restaurant with a per capita one thousand become a North Drifting Canteen?

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    (Not an advertisement to watch it with confidence)

    When a group of young people in Beijing still use the price of dozens of per capita in fast food restaurants,热门事件 to experience the "poor ghost music" from the pepper essence and carbohydrates. Those young people who know the most decent people have already gone to the end of the food that goes to the North.New Rongji.

    Xinrong Ji was originally a Taizhou cuisine restaurant that originated in Linhai, Zhejiang. It is famous for Black Pearl and Michelin Samsung in Beijing.It used to start thousands of dishes in a table, which is a secret and unprecedented party base in Beijing's middle class and old money.Today, Xinrong Ji has been eaten by young people into a "top enjoyment" that can be won in two or three hundred per capita.

    It is said that the Sichuan cuisine of Shinco is also very authentic

    "The cost of three hundred is small, and the waiter of the suit leather led you to the meals of the three -piece set of the three -piece set of international trade. The pre -meal fruits and hand -made almond cakes are all free of charge.Well, I have eaten a restaurant's illusion of my family industry. "

    On social media, there are many people sharing the "cheap ways" of this high -luxury restaurant."First use 38 pieces of honey potatoes to hold yourself half -full, and then arrange a 88 yuan original pupae and give away rice. As for" not eating, it is equivalent to white ", there are hundreds of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands.Exclude it outside the option. "

    Xinrong Ji's cheapest dish, honey sweet potato/picture source:@奕 新 oh

    As a result, there was such a clear scene in the Xin Rongji of Beijing -the old money family gathering in the restaurant on the one side of the restaurant, and the young workers who brushed short videos with the "cheap package" next to them.

    Xinrong Ji is good, it is not new in the north drift that understands life.Some people say that although it is expensive, it is really worth it. In Beijing, only in Xinrongji can you eat seasonal seasonal dishes.

    Winter to spring, come to spring/picture source:@吃 吃

    Some people say that it has enough choice space. "There are thousands of per capita on the surface. The actual 398 yuan package hidden in the menu is the last tenderness left by Beijing high luxury food to young people."

    For those who really understand Xin Rongji, the feeling of being able to consume and retreat without being too laborious is why they are obsessed with Xinrong Ji or some cheap vegetables.

    "The price of Shinrong's dishes is gradient, with a per capita one hundred and 10,000. It depends on what dish you order. The rich people can spend here to give the feet.face."

    On social media, many "poor ghosts break through Xinrong Ji" strategy

    "You spend a few hundred yuan per person in Xinrong Ji, and there is indeed a gap compared to the old money of a thousand dollars of a few dishes. But only when it comes to eating meals, this budget is also decent. The so -called poor poor.The ghost bravely hit the new Rongji, but it is just a ridicule for his target customer. "

    Because Xinrong Ji is used to sending food to diners, the initial configuration of meals is filled from the beginning.

    From the moment you take place, no matter how much your budget is, you can have at least a sense of experience.

    Three hundred per capita is full in Xinrongji, and the restaurant is also considered in it

    Xinrong Ji even became the "wishing pool" of young people. Throughout the service, many young people learned to "hint" in Xinrongji."As long as the dishes are delicious, it is likely to trigger the skills of sending the dishes. After eating it, you will find that 15%of the service fee is indeed not wronged."

    Photo source:@图 图 mogu

    In the post -95 girl FAFA, there is a new glory near the company.For the first time to eat here, FAFA also held a budget of 1,000 per capita, for fear of too few dishes, showing timidity in front of the waiter.

    Nowadays, I have eaten enough times. Xin Rongji has become FAFA's noon cafeteria, and his face has become a thing that you don't need to consider."At noon, the snacks of its house only need to be in the early two hundred. The restaurant will still send me before meals and almond cakes. I can still eat this meal with heart."

    These are all sent/picture source:@这些 小 这些

    Since I went too many times, the waiter probably remembered the appetite of FAFA. "Xin Rongji's service has a" poor ghost friendship "care, and will not deliberately recommend dishes for you to make money.People will also give me an intimate calculation, saying that these weights are enough. "

    The decentness of Xinrong's decentness is not only in the use of carbohydrates with prefabricated dishes and heavy oil and heavy salt.There is also one that will not show off too much, but also can light the taste of the taste.

    "Xinrong Ji is like Haidilao in the high -luxury restaurant industry. The production and services of each store are particularly stable and proper. When you don’t know what to eat and want to eat, Xin Rongji may be the only one in Beijing.standard answer."

    Because of this, you can spend your birthday in the new Rongji Hall in the new Rongji Hall in the business style decoration and dry landscape, which has become the favorite of many Beitiao's tentacles.

    You can even book a private room for your birthday/picture Source: Valuant

    After the 90s, Northern Drifting Girl Jenny just finished her 28th birthday in Xinrong.For three years in the north, Jenny has enough BISTRO tavern. "188 creative dishes, the table is three black tiger shrimp with old godmother spicy sauce, and the heart is dripping blood when paying."

    In order to stay away from the confusion of creative dishes, Jenny scheduled Xin Rongji half a month in advance."It is said that Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine is the most vegetable to eat the Mediterranean diet in the country. Compared with the creative dishes that are unknown, I am more willing to pay for traditional Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine."

    If ordinary diners come to Xinrong Ji, it is the corner of the old money life at a price of hundreds of dollars.

    Some restaurants will provide table paintings/picture source:@有 有 有

    The initial configuration of the birthday is the words "Happy Birthday" arranged on the desktop with red beans on the desktop.Champagne, birthday cakes and desserts are standard, and the longevity noodles delivered in the meal are boiled with lobster.Eat a meal, and the dishes are more dishes than you order.

    The cake is also delivered by the restaurant/picture source: @camille

    "In addition, you will feel that everything is based on you. The waiter will not be too warm, but you will never ignore you. Give the fruit platter given to the old money table next door.

    "Compared to making money, the waiter seems to want me to eat a good meal. When I check out, she didn't move much dishes, so I asked the dishes to taste it. I said casually.If you don't say, you will refund the bill. "

    When leaving, the waiter watched Jenny ate a few pieces of almond cakes, and packed a box of biscuits in his handbag to let Jenny take it away."You may be hard to imagine that in such a high luxury restaurant that costs hundreds of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of luxury restaurants, I actually ate a feeling of returning to my hometown and walking relatives."

    Eat in Xinrong Ji Lianzai/Picture Source:@在 在 在 在

    "Of course, you can say that it also serves other valuable restaurants, but Xin Rongji pays attention to one degree. There will be no waiters who stand in the toilet and give you the embarrassment and redundancy of paper, but what do you like to eat?The waiter knows at a glance, and then try his best to make you happy. "

    Xin Rongji is the central area of cost -effectiveness and vanity. The taste of the dishes is blurred by proper services. So most people who go to Shin Rongji will emphasize the thoughtfulness of its service.

    Some people say that you will not choose other restaurants on your birthday after eating Xin Rongji.Because for the day of birthday, strangers try to make you happy, which is a kind of sincerity that has nothing to do with money.

    Because I was in a bad mood during meals, I was given a bottle of wine/picture source: @Hellokitten

    After Xinrong's birthday, not only for dinner, but also some young people to get a sense of "matching".

    "Eating in Xinrong Ji is equivalent to receiving noble education. After eating Xinrong Ji, you will have a sense of matching throughout the process. Even if you come by the subway, you have to go home at high or low."

    After the 95th Northern Drifting Girl UU, when she came to Xinrong for the first time, she ordered a single package with the strategy of social media."Xinrong's single set meal is not charged at the head, a 398 yuan package, and a single order of sweet potatoes and desserts, it is enough to eat two people."

    "But seeing the big yellow croaker and rich shrimp next door, there are still some gaps in my heart. Xinrongji has always been famous for seafood. After I finish eating, the first reaction is to make good money, and I will not order a package next time."

    Yellow croaker rice cake is the signature/picture source: Give me to eat it

    At that time, the light people were still searching for strategies and regarded Xin Rong as the "rich experience class". For the real new Rongji frequent visitor, the taste was the only concern for them.

    The post -90s girl from Wenzhou is a frequent visitor to a new Rongji in Beijing.For her, Xinrongji is not too particular about it, but a Taizhou cuisine that is more authentic. "When you eat Xinrongji, you must have a normal heart.Can be more amazing. "

    "Steamed rice cakes are a staple food that every Taizhou mother can make. The big yellow croaker is made in a satisfactory. As for sand garlic noodles, Xin Rongji does this taste, and my dad makes this taste."

    Picture source:@图 图 图


    It is said that because the reservation of Xinrongji is too hot, the real middle class has already moved to the home edition of Xinrongji -Rongxiao Museum. There is no need to book here, rarely equal, and the dishes are the same as Xinrongji.

    The difference is that there are no more considerate services here.

    But for the real rich people, it is no longer within the scope of sending things. Xinrong Ji and Rongxiao Pavilion are just a place for eating meals.

    "Spend hundreds of dollars, and when you buy a delicious sentence, you are happy to be given fruit and almond cake. It is a set of consumer algorithms that are unique to young people. It seems to spend more money. In fact, it is more cost -effective.A new Rongji once can understand the true meaning of Beidiao. "

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