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[转帖] Nestlé has greatly invested sustainable development to cope with climate change

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    China Economic News Network (Reporter Zhou Xuelong) Recently,hot topic website the 28th United Nations Climate Conference (COP28) was successfully held in Dubai.Given that about one -third of the total greenhouse gas emissions comes from the production, transportation and consumption links of food, COP28 first recognizes the important role of food and agriculture in dealing with climate crisis.

    As a world -renowned food and beverage company, Nestlé has been committed to promoting sustainable development practice in food and agriculture.For food and beverage companies, the importance of agriculture is self -evident, and the climate plays a decisive role in agriculture.Nestlé released the "Clean Zero Carbon Emissions Roadmap" in 2020, promising that it will reaches half of the greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 and achieve net zero carbon emissions in 2050.

    Because about two -thirds of the total amount of gas emissions of Nestlé greenhouses come from agriculture, the elimination of the emissions generated by agricultural activities is one of the areas of Nestlé's focus.At present, many important tasks have been carried out, one of which is to introduce the concept of "regenerative agriculture".Regenerative agriculture aims to improve the health of the soil and improve soil fertility, while protecting water resources and biodiversity.In the long run, regenerative agriculture not only laid the foundation for sustainable food production, but also escorted food safety.

    According to the goal of the Nestlé Group disclosed by food observer: By 2025, Nestlé will have 20%of the key raw materials produced by regeneration agriculture; by 2030, this proportion will reach 50%.This means that it has more than 14 million tons of raw materials that can support renewable practice and will help achieve a 50%reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in 2030; by 2050, the goal of net zero carbon emissions will be achieved.

    In June of this year, the first renewable agricultural demonstration base jointly created by Nestlé China and Xianzhengda Group, the Hitai Farm, gained the first batch of low -carbon wheat grown in the whole process of "low -carbon", and realized the income increase and carbon reduction.It marks the substantial results of agricultural value chain companies' exploration of low -carbon crops, and the prospects are expected.The harvested low -carbon wheat is dedicated to the processing and production of Nestlé China Jiabao products.

    At the same time, on the 23rd international biological diversity day, Nestlé coffee launched a new round of shade -shielding planting activities in Pu'er, Yunnan.The official landing is also the further implementation and advancement of Nestlé's "Global Revelation Program".Nestlé continues to promote the transformation of coffee cultivation towards regeneration agriculture in Yunnan. In 2023, it will plant and cultivate 200,000 shade shielded trees in Yunnan, which will be renewed and upgraded in the Yunnan coffee industry in a sustainable manner.The types of shaded trees cover the local typical tree species camphor trees, as well as economic tree species such as mango, avocado, jackfruit, can effectively suppress pests and insect pests, reduce the harm caused by high temperature and cold tide, and become a powerful "protective umbrella" for coffee growth.Stable coffee beans output; at the same time, the planting of the shaded trees can resist drought and moisturizing, absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, provide a richer food source and habitat for animals and plants to protect biodiversity.In addition, the planting of the shade can also beautify the environment of the coffee garden, promote the sustainable development of local coffee in Yunnan, and further contribute to rural revitalization.

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