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[转帖] Hu Xijin said that "involving 200 million people, of course the stock market should be better than the housing market". How do you look at this view?

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    At the Sina Finance 2023 meeting and the 16th Golden Kirin Forum held on December 21,时事新闻 Hu Xijin, a senior media person, said that because the stock market involved 200 million people, of course, the stock market should be compared with the housing market.At the same time, Hu Xijin said that his comment area had been captured by investors. No matter what he said, netizens asked: How much did they lose today?Hu Xijin said that the stock market really needs to recover as soon as possible. He believes that the stock market has reached the area where it may rebound.

    Hu Xijin: Involved with 200 million people, of course the stock market should get up first more than the housing market | Interface News · Express

    I think the most amazing point of the show "Hu Xi bottomed out" is: a person who is completely subjective by "I think", "I feel", "I think", etc.The market is completely violent.This kind of person is still shouting for the stock market, and he can't call fraud, so he went to your house to knock on the door and grab it.

    You also remember that Liu Qingyun had a takeaway in "Eavesdropping Fengyun 2" and had no change in a change. After Gu Tianle paid 100 yuan for him, Liu Qingyun spent a minute earning 1,000 yuan from the stock market to Gu Tianle.

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