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[转帖] Sports Breakfast 12.21 | Pharmaceutical Factory locks in the Bundesliga Half Champion Harland Harland, elected the BBC annual sports star

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    Original Title: Sports Breakfast 12.21 | Pharmaceutical Factory Lock the Bundesliga Half Champion Harland,Hot news website Hamland, was elected as the BBC annual sports star

    On the nineth day of the winter of the year of Guizhou


    Ligue 1-Paris 3-1 Mess Mubai 25th-year-old day and night plum twice

    The 17th round of Ligue 1 was launched in the early morning of December 21, Beijing time, and Paris faced Mess.In the first half of Perera, the siege was almost a self -spoiled oolong.Bian Bian fought again, Li Gangren assisted Vitinia first, Mbappe bumped out the world wave and another city, U Dal pulled back a goal, Mbappe grabbed the opponent's error and easily pushed the empty door.EssenceIn the end, Paris 3-1 Mess.In the standings, Paris led 8 points for 80 points, and Mess was 16 points 14th.

    The Bundesliga-Pharmaceutical Factory 4-0 Bohon locks in half of the championship for 25 games and refreshes the German team record

    At 3:30 am on December 21, Beijing time, the 16th round of the Bundesliga continued, and the leader of the Yangle, Leverkusen, faced Bohong.In the first half, Hick performed a hat trick.Leverkusen led Bohon 3-0.In the second half, Boninfas broke the door.In the end, Leverkusen defeated Bohon 4-0 at home, continued to lead with 4 points, locking the Bundesliga half-time championship in advance.Leverkusen has been unbeaten for 25 consecutive games, creating the longest undefeated record in the opening season of the German team.

    Three crowns+two gold boots!Harland was elected as the BBC annual sports star

    On December 20th, well -known media BBC officially announced that Manchester City and Norwegian striker Haram were elected to BBC's 20023 Star.

    In the 2022-23 season, Harland won the Champions League, the Premier League and the FA Cup championship with Manchester City.At the level of personal honor, Harland Honor last season European golden boots and Premier League gold boots won the best players and best young players in the Premier League season, and broke the British Premier League goal record.

    There are 158,200 per capita stadium in Chongqing's existing stadiums of 2.50 square meters per capita

    According to the news on December 20, according to statistics from the census of the city's stadium in Chongqing, as of June 30, 2023, Chongqing City had a total of 158,200 stadiums, with a total area of 80.204 million square meters, and a per capita stadium area of 2.50 square meters (Based on the city's permanent population in 2022), 32,33,400 people).

    The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Sports Bureau stated that after preliminary statistics (specifically stated that this data has not yet been finalized and identified), compared with last year, the total area of the city's stadium increased by about 18.22%, and the per capita stadium area increased by about 18.06%, a significant extentReduce the gap between the city and the national average.The main types of new venues are: pedestrian lanes, climbing trails, basketball courts, small sports fields, water sports fields, badminton courts, etc.

    Marketing cooperation

    Digital Wisdom leads "New" to start China Mobile Mimu and partners to launch the "Innovation Sports Marketing Plan"

    On December 20th, the 2024 Migu Innovation Partner Conference with the theme of "Innovation -driven Win -win Win" was successfully held in Beijing.At the meeting, China Mobile Mimuima shared the new content ecological layout, digital wisdom technology and innovation marketing system in 2024, and launched the "Innovation Sports Marketing Plan" in 2024.China Advertising Association, the State Sports General Administration, Xinhua News Agency and other related units, partners, as well as Wang Meng, the four gold winners of the Chinese Winter Olympics, and Zhan Jun, a well -known sports commentator, participated in the conference and followed the brand and e -commerce., Scenaries and other dimensions, and explore the new model, new format, and development of the era of wisdom with Migu.

    With the accelerated integration of new generation of information technology, the real scenes, innovation experience, brand communication, and consumption forms are constantly changing.Zhang Guohua, president of the China Advertising Association and global vice chairman of the International Advertising Association, said that China Mobile's huge user volume, Migu's multi -dimensional content dissemination matrix, and continuous innovation gameplay have allowed Migu to have great development potential in the advertising field.Essence

    In the face of the wave of digital intelligence, how to create more valuable and more accurate products and services?Migu company gave his "problem -solving formula" at the meeting.Xiang Yang, deputy general manager of China Mobile Migu, shared Migu's new content, new layout, and new development to the guests and industry partners.As a digital content platform technology innovation company that has the characteristics of operators and the characteristics of the Internet, Migu always insists on creating a richer and more immersive new content experience for users through "content+technology+fusion innovation"."Migu will dominate scientific and technological innovation, continue to promote content from traditional content to 'new content' upgrade, and create a differentiated competitive advantage of 'exclusive+first', explore the cultivation of new formats that cultivate cultural production, dissemination, and consumption.New model. "Xiang Yang said.

    Industrial dynamics

    Revenue of 26.35 billion yuan, and the number of users of 488 million users "2023 China E -sports Industry Report" was released

    On December 20, hosted by the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, the Shenzhen Nanshan District People's Government, the 2023 China E -sports Industry of China Electronic and Sports Working Committee, and the Shenzhen Nanshan District Cultural Radio, Television Tourism and Sports Bureau,The conference was successfully held in Nanshan District, Shenzhen.Tang Jiajun, Deputy Secretary -General of the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, Secretary -General of the Game Working Committee, and chairman of the E -sports Working Committee, released the "2023 China E -sports Industry Report" at the event and interpreted the report in detail.

    In 2023, the actual revenue of China's e -sports industry was 26.35 billion yuan, a year -on -year decrease of 1.31%.In the composition of income, the live broadcast revenue of e -sports content accounted for 80.87%.The income, club income, and other income accounted for 8.59%, 6.42%, and 4.12%, respectively.

    In 2023, the size of my country's e -sports users was 488 million, a year -on -year increase of 0.1%, and the growth rate was not significant.However, with the new products, new categories of e -sports games this year, and the successful holding of the Hangzhou Asian Games E -sports events, it has attracted more attention of the public. Therefore, it is expected that the size of e -sports users may have some room for growth.

    Li Weifeng is the deputy general manager of Henan Football Club

    On December 20th, the Henan Football Club issued an announcement saying that from now on, Li Weifeng was hired as the deputy general manager of the Henan Football Club, in charge of the first team and youth training.

    During the age of Li Weifeng players, he played a number of domestic top football league clubs and joined the Premier League Everton and South Korea K League Mizuga Samsung.112 times on behalf of the Chinese national team, the men's football athletes on behalf of the Chinese national team, and the only men's football athlete in the world who have fought at the World Cup and Olympic Games at the same time, and were nominated by Mr. Asian Football.After retiring, he worked at Tianjin Tianhai Football Club and Guangzhou City Football Club to manage experience.

    With high -quality and high -tech, the road detectors won two heavyweight awards

    Recently, the road detectors were rated by innovative technology and high-quality outdoor products "new quality and new empowerment" 2023 national brand excellent cases, and entered the "2022-2023 Chinese Consumer Products Market High-quality Development Outstanding Brand Recommendation List".

    On November 29, under the guidance of Xinhua News Agency, Fujian Province, China Listed Companies Association, etc."Sub -forum was held in Jinjiang, Fujian.Pathfinder "Polar Bionic Technology Platform 2.0" was selected as "new quality and new empowerment" 2023 national brand excellent cases and won the "Innovation Breakthrough" award.

    In 2012, the road visitor launched the "Polar Bionic Technology Platform 1.0" independently developed. After eleven years of ingenious polishing and iteration upgrades, in May 2023, the "Polar Bionic Technology Technology, which has been optimized and advanced, was released at the Zhongguancun Forum in May 2023.Platform 2.0 ".The 2.0 platform consists of 13 TIEF fabric technology and 5 Safree OEMs technology. It is inspired by the bionic inspiration with "natural and natural".Design innovation, provide safe and comfortable all -weather outdoor equipment for brave and aggressive consumers.It meets the demands of multi -scenario use from Mount Everest to Deep Sea, extremely cold to extremely hot, and from extremely dry to extremely wet, involving categories including clothing, shoe products, equipment, etc.

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