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[转帖] Why is the cold and cold this winter conversion?The North Polar Vortex split southward leading to a large -scale cold wave in my country

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    Although tomorrow (December 22) is Hot news websitethe winter solstice. Nine -nine cold genius has just begun, but these days Jiangsu temperature is even colder than "three nine", "four -nine".Since December, the nation's "roller coaster" type has undulating the "roller coaster" type with continuous warmth in the early stage and the rapid cooling of the later period.

      From December 1st to 13th, the national average temperature was the highest in history, but from the 14th, due to the large -scale cold wave weather, the temperature in most areas of the country dropped sharply, and some meteorological stations had a maximum cooling of the historical value.The changes in warmth and warmth are so severe, what is the reason behind it?

      Affected by the continuous cold air, December 21 is the coldest day since the winter. The lowest temperature along the Huai Huai North area is minus 8 to 11 degrees Celsius, the East China Sea Meteorological Station is as low as 12.2 degrees, and other regions minus 4 to minus 8 degrees below 8 degrees, Like entering the "refrigerator freezing" mode, the highest temperature during the day is also below the frozen line.And this round of low temperature duration is long. It is expected that until the 29th, the lowest temperature in our province will basically remain below zero.

      Although the temperature has been low recently, because from December 1st to 13th, the average temperature in the province is significantly higher than usual, so since December, the average temperature in the province is 6 degrees Celsius, which is still 0.3 higher than the same period of the year.℃.From the perspective of various regions, the Huaibei, Jianghuai and the southern southern region are ranging from 0.2 ° C-0.3 ° C.

      Experts said that when it comes to a certain year or a month, it is cold or warm. It is not determined by a single weather incident, but to see if the average temperature of the whole period is higher or lower than the same period of history.In the context of El Nino, the winter temperature in my country is generally warm, but phased cold air activities are more frequent.

      Xiang Ying, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Climate Center, said: "In the context of global warming, the temperature increase of the polar land is greater than the temperature increase on the surface of the earth.The west wind is rapid, so the cold air in the polar vortex is more likely to split southward. The cold air temperature from the Arctic is far lower than that of the low and low latitudes.

      However, in the middle and late December, most of our country will enter the "heating channel", and the low temperature will be reversed.In January, the overall temperature conditions in our province are still high, but in the high range, the bureau and ministries between Huaibei and Jianghuai will be lower than usual.However, in the Jianghuai and South Jiangsu region, 0 to 20 % are more than usual, so in the next January, it may be necessary to prevent staged rain and snow frozen in the next January.

      (Jiangsu Radio and Television Finance Media News Center/Editor Li Xuan/Gao Ruoting)

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