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[转帖] Yao Ming's major reform!CBA referee comes, Liaoning Guangdong men's basketball team waits until this day

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    Yao Ming's major reform!CBA referee comes,实时资讯 Liaoning Guangdong men's basketball team waits until this day

    On December 20th, Beijing time, many controversial punishments have appeared in the second stage of the CBA. Many referees have been criticized.Fined fines, but there are still many workers in the basketball circle questioning the referee. For example, Gu Quan, a national player Gu Quan, was fined in the game for dissatisfaction and greetings.Black whistle, scolding the referee "collecting money", saying that he would have to say for Chinese basketball.

    Faced with these endless phenomena, Yao Ming led the relevant person in charge of the Basketball Association to appear in the media day and also specifically answered the question about the misjudgment of the referee.First of all, Yao Ming said that the referee was difficult to enforce the law on the spot.The first point is the issue of probability. The current judgment rate of our referees is 91%.No matter how much he is, this is a probability.We have the opportunity to watch the release in the game and have the opportunity to watch the slow movement, but sometimes the game on the field is the moment, for a moment, the referee can only rely on intuition.

    Yao Ming also gives an example. I can write 200 words. You copy these 200 words in one minute. Can you ensure that a word is good?Are you sure?The referee was facing the case at that moment.Yao Ming believes that both players and referees will follow.Follow the feeling to train, follow the video tape, and accumulate experience through past competitions.

    In the end, Yao Ming also mentioned that the rules of basketball have been changing. They used to be two referees and now three.Whether we are domestic or abroad, we also want to improve the accuracy of the referee.Then we have a lot of work to do in many aspects of training, referees, selection, and communication. We also hope that our media and fans can participate together, give opinions, and supervise. Yao Ming also thanks to everyone.

    In addition to answering this question, Yao Ming also made major reforms.The person in charge of the Basketball Association announced in the theme of the media day referee that in order to promote and encourage benign competition, the referees will be completely normalized.In the past two years, through this referee's upgrading system.There are already 29 people in the league to the first -level events, and there are 24 people relegated to the next level. This move also effectively inspired young referees and entered a higher level of events by striving to enhance their business capabilities.At the same time, some referees in the league are also effectively limited.This mechanism has been supported and supported by most referees in the industry. Of course, some referees who have been eliminated have been objected to this.

    The referees' upgrading system, as the name suggests, is similar to our ranking system in the game, downgrade, relegation, and promotion.Only if you play well can you be relegated and promoted.If you play a bad play, you must relegate to play a low level.The same is true for referees. If it is poor, it will be downgraded, and even the referee circle is eliminated.At present, the referee's supervision report is divided into 6 major items and 84 small items.Detailed judgment of the referee's punishment, and after the end of the game, whether the referee scores have significant mistakes, etc. There will be a punishment system for the referee.

    So the CBA referees are coming.In addition, whether the referee reported in the media will return?The reply given by Yao Ming and the Basketball Association is that there are currently a complete referee report, but it has not been announced. When the financial resources and manpower are appropriate in the future, they will be released to the outside world in a better way.I also hope that media fans can give more suggestions, how to announce, and how to announce better.

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