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[转帖] Looking back at 2023, why is the weather and climate "going extreme"?Weibo year -end Q & A meteorological session, give you the answer!

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    TheNews information website upcoming 2023

    Extreme weather and climatic events


    In time

    What are the answers to the future?

    December 21st


    @ @ @Toutiao News @博 政

    Start the year -end review of the round table interview

    A topic

    #Will the future extreme weather be normalized?#

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    Many just settled in

    Sina Weibo Meteorological Expert

    Get together, speak freely

    Today, they accompany you

    Looking back

    Talk about the unforgettable meteorological past around you

    Also look up at the starry sky

    The "work situation" of the sun in 2023


    Will it be warmer in 2024?

    Will the extreme weather in the future become a new normal?

    Follow our meteorological expert together

    Welcome to 2024

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    The chief forecaster of the Central Meteorological Observatory@中 中 中 中 中 中 中: High temperature, heavy rain, drought, typhoon, strong convection, cold tide, sandstorm, heavy fog, etc. In 2024, no one will be missing ...

    The Chief Predator of the Central Meteorological Observatory@楠 中 中: With the warming of the climate and the rise of temperature, the extreme weather and climate events will inevitably show multiple trends ...

    The deputy chief forecaster of the Central Meteorological Observatory @Hill_ 杞 中 中: In the future, more serious high temperature, heavy rain, blizzard, cold wave and other disaster weather will occur more frequently ...

    The second -level researcher at the National Climate Center@国家 国家: In fact, it is not necessary to wait until the future, and now the world's extreme weather has become a new normal.With the intensification of global climate warming, the frequency of extreme weather and climate incidents has changed, showing frequent exchanges and development trends, becoming a new normal ...

    The original meteorological service chief of the China Meteorological Administration's Public Meteorological Service Center@Dingzhen Popular Popularity Time: Extreme weather incidents are multiple. In the context of global climate change, the phenomenon of deviation from normal climate caused by the boom of El Niowe and other incidents, and appearsIn recent years, extreme weather has become normalized ...

    National Satellite Meteorological Center Space Weather Technology R & D Room Engineer@国家 国家 -OCEAN: In the two years from 2024 to 2025, the sun will be likely to create more and stronger outbreaks. Correspondingly, to the space around the earth,The environment brings a more significant impact ...

    Hunan Meteorological Service Center Zheng Senior Engineer @HNQX Deng Ling: Due to the continuous warming of the world and the slow progress of climate action, it may become unavoidable after a year of hotness in the world for a year.As the climate changes intensify, the severity and frequency of extreme weather incidents will continue to increase ...

    Deputy Chief Predator at Chongqing Meteorological Observatory@重 重 重: Affected by the low vortex of the southwest, the rainfall in Chongqing in 2023 is significantly too much, and the extremes are strong ...

    Senior engineer of Ningbo Meteorological Service Center@: Beginning in June 2023, the global average temperature has broken the historical record for 6 consecutive months, and it is likely to be the hottest year of the earth ...

    Senior engineer of the Science Popularization Center of the Sichuan Provincial Meteorological Bureau@噜 妈 Weather Parenting: With the development of global warming and urbanization and the frequent frequent global climate events such as El Niuno and La Nina, extreme weather is becoming more and more normal ...

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    Original title: "Looking back at 2023, why is the weather and climate" extreme "?Weibo year -end Q & A meteorological session, give you the answer!"

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