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[转帖] Taiyuan today's weather

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    China Weather Network News Today is Hot discussion information websiteThursday, December 21st, let's look at the weather together.

    Taiyuan is currently in a strong wind and continuous low -temperature warning.

    The Shanxi Provincial Meteorological Observatory will become a greater blue warning at 16:46 on December 20. The early warning area: Datong South, Xinzhou, Lu Liang, Northern Taiyuan, Yangquan, Linfen, Northern Changzhi, Jincheng, and Southern Yuncheng.Affected by the cold air, the early warning area has been affected by the wind. The average wind is 4 to 5, and the gust of 7 or more may continue.Relevant units and personnel are requested to prepare for prevention.

    Shanxi Provincial Meteorological Observatory continued to issue continuous low -temperature yellow warning at 10:19 on December 20th. Early warning areas: the whole province.Affected by cold air, the average temperature or minimum temperature in the early 72 -hour warning areas has continued to continue low temperature above the same period (the latest climate average) of 5 ° C.The temperature continues to be less than 5 ° C.Relevant units and personnel are requested to prepare for prevention.

    At 6 am this morning, Taiyuan is sunny, the temperature is -15 ° C, the south wind is 4-5, and the relative humidity is 41%.

    It is expected that today is sunny, the highest temperature is -7 ° C, breeze, sunny today, the lowest temperature is -21 ° C, breeze.

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