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[转帖] SASAC: Improving the ability to keep supply in extreme weather and improve power production and supply capacity

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    [Cable Network News] With the intensification of global climate change,breaking news website extreme weather incidents are becoming more frequent, which constitutes a severe challenge for countries and their energy supply systems.In order to cope with these uncertainty, on December 20, the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council held a expansion meeting and proposed a series of emergency measures to improve the basic confession capacity under extreme weather conditions.

    The SASAC meeting specially emphasized the importance of ensuring energy safety and increasing production and increased confession.This means that it is necessary to give priority to and improve the coal production organization, which is a key component of China's energy structure.In addition, improving power production and supply capabilities is also one of the focus of the meeting, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the grid operation under severe weather conditions.

    The meeting requires strengthening the stability of oil and gas supply, which is particularly critical to maintaining industrial production and civil demand.In addition, the strengthening of the power grid operation monitoring is the key to ensure that the power supply system can quickly respond to and adjust the operating strategy in extreme weather events.

    In addition, transportation facilities, especially those key traffic nodes, such as railways, highways and bridges, also require stricter testing and maintenance management to prevent major failures under extreme conditions.In addition, the civil aviation and water transport departments are required to strengthen their ability to respond to disasters to ensure that they can maintain operations under severe weather conditions, and can effectively implement rescue and rescue measures when necessary.

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