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[转帖] 2024 Selection of the test current affairs political simulation questions daily (1.2)

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    1. News and tourism news,重大事件 New Year's Day holidays, 135 million domestic tourism travel across the country, year -on -year ().

    A. Increasing 155.3%B. Increasing 85.3%C. Increasing 105.3%D. increased 115%

    Answer: A

    2. The Fifth National Economic Census Registration () was officially launched to fully investigate the development scale, layout and efficiency of the second and third industries in my country.

    A. January 1 B. January 2 C. January 3 D.

    Answer: A

    3. The "Measures for the Management and Use of Quality Supervision of Drugs" () Start shall be implemented, and it will be clearly established and implemented.

    A. January 1, 2024 B. January 10, 2024 C. February 1, 2024 D. March 1, 2024

    Answer: A

    4. The first domestic large cruise ship Eda Magic "will start the first shipy season with () as the home port from January 1, 2024.

    A. Shanghai B. Qingdao C. Dalian D. Xiamen

    Answer: A

    5. On January 1st, the () power generation field in the world's ultra -high altitude areas & mdash; & mdash; Tibet Naitouo Pavilion 100 MW wind electricity project, officially put into operation, can send 200 million kWh to Naqu City in one year, satisfying 230,000 people a yearAnnual electricity demand.

    A. Wind B. firepower C. photovoltaic D. nuclear energy

    Answer: A

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