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[转帖] Hearing the sound of "wind", the children started a journey of exploration

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    Recently,breaking news website Tongji University's cutting -edge physics fusion science and technology education bases ushered in a group of dynamic mysterious visitors. They were attracted by fantasy physical phenomena. They all seen were curious and enjoyed a mysterious physical world exploration journey.

    Under the leadership of volunteers, the 6-9th grade parent-child family strolls on the campus of Tongji University, and immersed the campus life in the unique winter scene.Parent -child families feel the inheritance of the historical spirit in a frequency and one turn, and stop the accumulation of history in step at a time. Different campus life has stimulated children's strong exploration interest.

    Subsequently, parent-child families entered the main venue of this event Tongji University's cutting-edge physics integration science and technology education base-Physics and Engineering Practice Station. Under the leadership of the teacher, the interpreter was visited to the physical demonstration (exploration) laboratory, including the mechanical exploration room, Vibration and Polka Exploration Room, electromagnetic exploration room, and optical exploration room: laboratory, to watch and experience classic physical physics such as "angle volume conservation", "Bernoulli effect demonstration", "electro -light", "electrostatic sensor starting motor" and other classic physicsExperiments and feel the charm of physics from interesting experiments.

    Everyone is deeply attracted by these magical physical experiments.Gu Chengming told reporters, "While demonstrating the experiment, the teacher also invited us to experience it, and the process was very interesting. I saw some very novel instruments and experiments. Through wonderful physical phenomena, we felt the mystery of great natural sciences."

    After the laboratory visit, everyone started the practical link.Under the leadership of the teacher, parent -child families used acoustic theoretical knowledge to jointly produce music bells together.How to make the wind chime a more pleasant sound?How to determine a quarter of positions in non -transparent pipes?How to divide the circles without angle?These issues contain certain physical and scientific knowledge and experience experience of life, and they will be solved one by one.

    "Making wind chimes in the event, Teacher Zhang did not taught us step by step, but guided us to constantly solve various problems in operation, and also made me realize that in the future study, we must meet the difficulties."reporter.

    In the end, Mr. Zhang of the science and technology education base also brought innovative thinking courses to parent -child families. I hope that parent -child families can find problems through observation of life phenomena, analyze and try to solve them through practice, and stimulateChildren's knowledge of physics science can better cultivate their own hands -on ability, learn how to solve problems, so as to exercise and innovate.

    The "Yangmeng Copper Home" event was sponsored by the Yangpu District Women's Federation and the Shanghai Women's and Child Service Guidance Center (Huiyuan Garden), co -organized by the Women's Working Committee of Tongji University, Tongji University Physics and Engineering Practice Station, Shanghai Yangpu District Women and Children's EventThe center hosted.

    Text/Picture: Fulian

    Original title: "Hear the sound of" wind ", children start a journey of exploration"

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