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[转帖] Gold award!Stunning national stage, two original songs in Neijiang "out of the circle"

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    On December 20,火速资讯 the reporter learned from the original music base of the Cultural Museum of the City of Neijiang City that the first original song "We Want to Be the Best" Charity Selection Boao Show was held on December 15th at the Boao Asia Forum International Conference Center.The two original song created by the created participated in the show and won the gold award.

    ▲ Neijiang works win prizes

    The two award -winning works are "Hero Love" and "Who are you for the sake of", both of which were composed by Xiao Shao, the head of the original music base of the city's cultural museum.The young disciple, the lyrical female treble Chen Chunling of the Sichuan Song and Dance Troupe.

    ▲ Neijiang singer Liu Xiongbing

    ▲ Chen Chunling sang "Who are you for"

    Let's enjoy these two songs together


    "Hero Love"

    △ Click to enjoy the song

    "Who are you for"

    △ Click to enjoy the song

    It is understood that the event was directed by the Organizing Committee of the Boao Rural Revitalization Industry Development Conference and sponsored by the Sichuan Provincial Musicians Association.In the performance of more than two hours, a total of 25 original songs were performed.In addition to "Hero Love" and "Who are you for", Neijiang participated in the exhibition, as well as the original music theme "Broken World" created by Zizhong County Cultural Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau.

    Xiao Shao introduced that in early 2024, the contest will sing public welfare selection campaign in the five competitions in the country in 5 areas and offline, select outstanding original songs of folklore, and conduct a total of generally held the Boao Asia Forum International Convention Center at the end of the same year.finals.

    "Participating in this exhibition not only showed the original music level of Neijiang to the outside world, but also conducted in -depth exchanges and cooperation with other outstanding original musicians." Xiao Shao said, "In the future, we will look at the Neijiang and look at the whole country to create more excellent excellenceMusic works, let Neijiang Music go out. "

    Others are still watching

    Original title: "Gold Award!Stunning the national stage, two original songs in Neijiang "out of the circle" "

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