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[转帖] God Seventeenth Astronauts successfully completed the first -class out -of -class event to complete the setting tasks such as the heaven and the core cabin sun wing repair test

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      Xinhua News Agency,Time information website Beijing, December 21 (Li Guoli, Deng Meng) Shenzhou No. 17 Aerospace Grand Group successfully completed the first out -of -the cabin event on December 21.Tang Hongbo, the first astronaut in my country to return to the space station, has strolled space again after two years. The astronaut Tang Shengjie has become the youngest astronaut in my country to perform the missiles.

      According to the introduction of the China Manned Aerospace Engineering Office, at 21:35 on the 21st, after about 7.5 hours of outlet activities, Shenzhou 17 astronaut Tang Hongbo, Tang Shengjie, and Jiang Xinlin were closely coordinated.With the support, the setting tasks such as the Tianhe Core Class Sun Wing Repair Test were completed. The astronaut Tang Hongbo and Tang Shengjie had safely returned to ask the Tiantian experimental cabin.

      According to the plan, a large number of scientific experiments and technical experiments will be carried out during the manned flight mission of Shenzhou 17, as well as the task of multiple astronauts multiplying the cabin activities and application loads.

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