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[转帖] Talent, from "Xiamen" and "Xiamen International Fashion Week" to help Fujian's sports industry

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    During the Hangzhou Asian Games this year, the Chinese Sports delegation dressed in the "Champions Dragon" shining, attracting countless eyeballs. This leading prize service was jointly created by Anta and visual artist Ye Jintian and the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts.Sports athletes have added style.On the other side of the track and field, the Chinese player He Jie foot kicked the Tibu 160X champion version of the running shoes, won the first Asian Games men's marathon gold medal in the Chinese history, and opened the 2023 years of the Chinese marathon.

    The same as the Fujian sports brand, in 2009, Anta signed a contract with the China Olympic Committee to create a brand image representing Chinese sports, providing champion equipment for a number of major international events, and became the first in the Chinese sports goods industry in 2012;Tsob, the preferred brand, has sponsored more than 1,000 marathon events and events since 2007, becoming the most sporting brand of sponsorsed marathon events in China; 361 °, which has developed rapidly in China, has developed international line products worldwide in 2014.The running shoe brand matrix is professional magazines such as "Runner World" all year round.In recent years, domestic sports brands such as Anta, Li Ning, and Tubu have shown an increasingly strong "presence" on the international stage. The Fujian sports brand occupies the dominant position of the domestic shoe and clothing market, showing a leap -up growth, which not only represents the representationThe national sports brand has been favored by more and more consumers. With excellent R & D and design strength, it has emerged in the competition with international big names.Typical cases of development.

    Fujian sports brand, jump from history to the future

    The sports shoes and clothing industry is one of the world -class industries in Fujian Province.Starting from the "three -to -one supplement" labor -intensive industry for international big -name foundry sports shoes, from raw materials, processing, design, sales, brands, and international capital operations, the Fujian sports shoes and clothing industry has gone through several roundsFast and leapfrog development, with more than 1,000 sports brands and sports shoes manufacturers, with an annual output value of more than 50 billion yuan, output accounting for more than 30%of the world.brand.Fujian's sports shoes and clothing industry followed the time and place of China's reform and opening up, climbing up along the industrial chain, and broke the constraints of international giants in one fell swoop, and developed into one of the most important industrial places in the global sports equipment industry in 30 years.

    From 2012-2021, the scale of the economy in Fujian's textile shoes and clothing industry has doubled, and it is the first breaking industry in the province; dozens of local brands such as Anta, Tubu, 361 °, Peak have successfully achieved the brand internationalAmong them, Anta acquisitions FILA, Amer Sports, Descente, Typte's acquisition of Saucony, K-Swiss, Palladium, 361 °The great success of deep -cultivating international line products has shown a strong development trend.

    Few people know that Fujian is also a pioneer of New China sports.According to the "History of Guling", Fuzhou Guling held the earliest batch of tennis competitions in China 100 years ago; "Fujian Province · Sports" was verified that Putian Philosophy (now Putian No. 2 Middle School) took the lead in volleyball in 1904Sports, at the same time, this school is also one of the pioneers of basketball in China; in 1952, Zhangzhou Youth Wu Chuanyu represented China for the first time on the Olympic Games and participated in the men's 100 -meter backstroke competition in the Herbinck Summer Olympic Games. In 1956, Xiamen was born in Xiamen.Four overseas Chinese, including Chen Fushou, who returned to China in Fujian, established China's first provincial badminton team in Fujian.In addition, sports such as British football, horse racing, bowling, and goal ball have also taken the lead in China through Fujian.

    (Wu Chuanyu, the first person in the New China Olympic Games)

    It is Fujian's deep sports cultural heritage that nourishes the vigorous development of local sports equipment brands.As a small American city Portland, which was born with a great sports brand Nike, the rich Shanhai resources brought superior outdoor sports scenes. The diversified climate was convenient for testing the scientific performance of sneakers in different weather conditions.The blessing of culture and the convenient trade environment of port cities have allowed Portland to not only raise Nike, but also have become the headquarters of a group of well -known sports brands such as Adidas, Andma, and Mizumi in recent years.The same is true of Fujian, carrying the accumulation of sports culture in the old age, has convenient overseas exchanges, and the spirit of hard work with the unique hard work of Fujian businessmen and the complementary group of Fujian enterprises.The booming development of the Fujian shoes and clothing industry.

    Xiamen International Fashion Week, the "three ends" to nurture the development of the city industry is booming

    Since 2009, Xiamen has become China's largest sports equipment manufacturing and export base. It is also the main export base of Chinese sportswear shoes, sports glasses, and outdoor products. 6 of the 10 treadmills in the world have "Xiamen made"" ".By 2022, the total output value of Xiamen's sports industry has reached 52.8 billion yuan, and the sportswear manufacturing industry has maintained double -digit growth for many years.

    For the sports industry in Fujian Province, Xiamen undoubtedly has a pivotal weight. This garden city of Yishan is one of the most economical areas on the west coast of the Straits.Frontier.International sports brands such as Anta, Tubu, 361 °, and Peak have established operation centers in Xiamen, which is expected that Xiamen has the infinite potential of the development of the Fujian sports industry.

    The "Champions Dragon Server" mentioned earlier, four years after the establishment of an operation center in Xiamen in Anta, the 2012 London Olympic Games was born. Anta continued to grow for 8 consecutive years.; Tubu created the domestic top sports science laboratory X-LAB in Xiamen in 2015, and launched Tipp ACE's cushioning technology platform by the chief scientist of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2022 to continuously upgrade the revenue of revenue with continuous technology upgrade.Growth; Hongxing Erk insists on layout of tennis, and has cooperated with the Shanghai ATP1000 Masters, the China Tennis Open, and the WTA Istanbul New Year Finals.Later, Hongxing Erk opened the story of "wild consumption" of netizens across the country; Pork, who focused on the basketball field for many years, signed 6 teams including Serbia and Germany in the Men's Basketball World Cup in 2023. Following the signing of the NBA star Vegins, furtherExpand the influence of itself in the world basketball layout to four continents.The gap between the "Light of Chinese Sports" represented by the Fujian Sports Brand and the International Corps is gradually narrowing and even surpassed.Under the great change of the times, the Fujian sports brand, which is professional, solid and stable, and the development of national culture, will continue to rise and break the wind.

    As a authoritative platform released by China ’s unique international and characteristic international fashion activities and sports fashion directions, the“ Xiamen International Fashion Week ”founded in 2015 is one of the best accompanying runners and witnesses in Fujian’ s sports industry.Based on the foundation and location advantages of the urban industry, the "Xiamen International Fashion Week" anchor "Sports Fashion" as a special label since 2018, and is committed to promoting the vigorous development of Xiamen and even the province's sports fashion industry.At the "2023 Xiamen International Fashion Week", which had just ended at the end of November, the development path of sports integrating fashion was once again mentioned.

    As an important external window in Fujian Province, Xiamen officially shouted the theme slogan of "Sports Fashion Watch Xiamen" with the posture of high -quality modern and international cities.To build a platform for industrial exchanges and cooperation, help Xiamen build a "sports fashion center" and "new fashion consumer center, and set a more vivid and more conclusive positioning for the Fujian sports equipment industry.

    "Xiamen International Fashion Week" brings together a series of wonderful home activities and derived all kinds of sports fashion projects covered by the year. It has become a sports fashion event for this city and the entire Fujian Province.Specifically, in promoting the development of the sports fashion industry in Xiamen and even Fujian, the "Xiamen International Fashion Week" is an indispensable force in the following three aspects as the "empowerment to push new" industrial development service platform.

    One is on the city end, and it is in -depth to revitalize sports resources.This year's "Xiamen International Fashion Week" re -deployed five major sections of "industrial docking, fashion release, fashion trend GO, fashion city, cloud and fashion week". Focusing on the advantages of the sports industry in Fujian Province, through the development of new hotspots and integration of new sports forms, the form of new sports formsMulti -dimensional promoting the deep integration of the industrial chain, talent chain, innovation chain, and value chain, allowing sports fashion to further penetrate into urban areas and citizens, drive new consumption formats, and help Xiamen create a "international consumer center city".

    A significant example is that this "Xiamen International Fashion Week" will land to Tong'an District, including the "China Clothing Forum · International Sports Fashion Conference", "The 72H Bay Outdoor Sports Fashion Carnival,"The connected Tong'an District Rings Romantic Line.As the largest and oldest area outside Xiamen Island, a group of sports stars such as Zhang Binbin, Guo Yuehua, Su Yuling, Chen Hongjie, and Ye Chaoqun have been trained in Tong'an District. The fitness equipment industry is half of the Xiamen sports industry.Tong'an District itself is also the place of the 2022 Xiamen Half Marathon and Meisha Education National Youth Sailing League (Xiamen Station). It has a deep mass movement foundation and industrial development willingness.The Fashion Week Organizing Committee implements the concept of "the whole city" of the "Xiamen International Fashion Week" of the "Xiamen International Fashion Week" concept of "Xiamen International Fashion" through the rich and excellent natural landscape of Tong'an District.With strong sports and fashion vitality, it has more effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of the sports equipment industry in Tong'an District, and integrates the major strategy of Xiamen's "cross -outlying development".

    (2023 Xiamen International Fashion Week: China Clothing Forum · International Sports Fashion Conference)

    (2023 Xiamen International Fashion Week: Trek Island 72H ・ Bay Outdoor Sports Fashion Carnival)

    Second, on the industrial end, establish a platform to solve the current pain pointEssenceThis year, "Xiamen International Fashion Week" split the industrial ecology into a variety of links such as consumption, brand, investment, and design, and build a targeted collaborative communication platform one by one.By promoting industrial innovation, demonstration of industrial results, and helping industrial investment, etc., Xiamen leads the shortcomings of Fujian's sports equipment industry with galloping global.

    Among them, the "China Clothing Forum · International Sports Fashion Conference" From the perspective of consumers and brands, how to accurately grasp the popular business air outlets and marketing insights;Refer to the current investment direction and opportunities; "Creative Design" Selection+"in Xiamen" focuses on the rapid incubation of young design talents, and speaks from the perspective of the emerging designer and attracts the support of the industry.The functions of high -end brands and release of independent designers are the functions of the season; "The Outdoor Sports Fashion Carnival of the 72H Bay Gulf Bay" created a display platform for more than 140 brands to help subdivide the brand with zero -distance interpretation of lifestyle and link consumers.The collaboration and exchanges of the entire industry and multi -platform, "Xiamen International Fashion Week" strives to step into the unresolved difficulty of the industry, allowing the industry to be intertwined on the road of moving forward, and build a "4+4+6" modern industrial system for XiamenInject kinetic energy.

    (2023 Xiamen International Fashion Week: Fashion Industry Investment Forum)

    (2023 Xiamen International Fashion Week: Creative Design "Selection+" in Xiamen)

    (2023 Xiamen International Fashion Week: Trendy Up Fashion Show)

    The third is on the corporate side to expand the application scenarios of science and technology.In the process of leading the transformation and upgrading of Fujian's shoe and clothing industry, this year's "Xiamen International Fashion Week" focuses on iterative upgrades brought by new technologies, new processes, and new materials to enterprises and brands.With the in -depth development of the sports industry and the continuous deepening of the use of various technologies, technology brings continuous change and empowerment of sports, and has become a powerful driving force for the development of the sports fashion industry.

    In the home event of this year's "Xiamen International Fashion Week", it attaches great importance to the cutting -edge scientific and technological trend of AIGC, scientific and technological innovation, future wisdom futures, and sustainable development. Various novelty species under the well -known brands are in the forum andA large number of surroundings are presented.From the new technology fabrics such as digital clothing design software, wearable exercise equipment, and adaptive temperature to outdoor sports, science and technology equipment for outdoor sports, and scientific and technological cool play for generations Z, many companies and brands are in conceptual and technological display.Show a new picture of future lifestyles, and further open the imagination of sports fashion consumption.For the current Fujian innovation enterprise standing on the "Chinese goods steaming" wind, "Xiamen International Fashion Week" not only provides a new scene of displaying technology for technology empowering fashion consumption, but also pointed out the weight of scientific and technological innovation for the Fujian shoes and clothing industry.New direction of plastic enterprise development momentum.

    After a big future, the road of the Fujian sports fashion industry is rising "there is no limit"

    From the perspective of "Xiamen International Fashion Week" from the perspective of the future, the continuous policies are favorable, the perfect upstream and downstream production supporting system, and the years of internal skills cultivation is vigorously invested in research and development, the Fujian shoes and clothing brand has taken a slight strip in the domestic and foreign markets.New path of differentiated competition.A sports fashion industry system with Fujian as the foundation and Xiamen as the window has been expanded. The trillion -scale industrial belt still has unlimited rise and the potential of challenging the larger international market share.

    As China becomes an important engine of the global economy, the Fujian sports equipment industry has achieved unique global advantages in the production side, and is continuing to climb the top of the industry chain under the leadership of Xiamen.Under the help of "Xiamen International Fashion Week", Fujian enterprises and brands will also further develop in the direction of branding, intelligence, digitalization, and clustering. In the new opportunities of the "national tide" in recent years,The transformation and upgrading of industrial institutions.

    At this year's Hangzhou Asian Games, Anta has not only sponsored the Chinese delegation to receive prizes, and has also developed some professional competition equipment to move towards the ecological ecosystem of the cutting -edge industry of technology and competitive;Yang Shaohui refreshed the Chinese men's marathon record in Fukuoka, Japan in December, and was brewing the new "Tub Speed" with players such as He Jie.The first sports brand in China to release the e -sports strategy ... Looking forward to the Paris Olympics next year, the competition on the sports field is not only the healthy body of sports athletes, but also the manifestation of equipment capabilities, scientific research strength, and even national strength.Although the road is far, the line is approaching.In the development of the Fujian sports industry cluster headed by Xiamen, how will the advancement of China's sports and fashion industry be played?let us wait and see!

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