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[转帖] "Save people!" The driver was in a coma, and the police quickly rescued

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    December 19th

    Huangpu District Branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau

    Liang Yanfei,一线资讯 police of the traffic police brigade, and colleagues

    When duty on the section of Linghao Plaza in Huangpu East Road

    Some people come forward to report

    A white van stopped on the side of the road

    A middle -aged man in the car closed his eyes tightly

    Light on the driving position

    Liang Yanfei immediately stepped forward to check

    I found the man's head sideways


    Suspected that the body is abnormal

    Liang Yanfei immediately contacted 120 to the scene for assistance

    And try to open the door

    Because the door is locked

    Liang Yanfei and traffic persuasion guide

    Try to use iron rod to pry the driving door

    Once, twice, three times ...

    Liang Yanfei kept trying

    She was sweaty and she didn't notice that her hands were worn

    at this time

    A takeaway borrowing tool from the surrounding shops

    Assist in rescue

    Persuade the guide through the police and traffic

    Combat with the enthusiastic people

    The door is finally opened

    Everyone combines the man

    Transfer to ambulance and take it to the hospital

    Fortunately to deal with timely

    The man is out of danger

    The interests of the masses are small

    One branch, one leaf always close love

    They interpret responsibility with action

    In this winter

    Let the people a little warm

    One more peace of mind

    Original title: "Save people!" The driver is comed with a coma, and the police quickly rescue "

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