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[转帖] "Zhongjin Institute Cup" National college financial financial business debate invitations to the invitation to end successfully

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      According to the news on December 20,突发新闻 the first "China Gold Cup" National University's National College Financial Finance Debate Invitational Tournament has successfully concluded.

      It is reported that the theme of this debate is set as "financial investment education is the people, and the financial strong country."Under the guidance of the Futures Supervision Department of the Securities Regulatory Commission and the Youth League Committee of the Securities Regulatory Commission, the CSRC is hosted by the China Gold Institute, the mid -term Association, the Hunan Securities Regulatory Bureau, the Tianjin Securities Regulatory Bureau, the Shanghai Securities Regulatory Bureau, the Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau, the Jiangxi Securities Regulatory Bureau, and the Sichuan Securities Regulatory Bureau, Co -sponsored by the Dalian Securities Regulatory Bureau and the Xiamen Securities Regulatory Bureau.As the initiative of the current debate invitations, Hunan University initiated invitations to seven universities including Nankai University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and Zhejiang University.The debate was officially launched on September 4 this year, and the finals ended in Changsha from December 11th to 12th.

      After two days of fierce competition, the Lake Daxiang Finance Team won the championship, the South Kaiyi team won the runner -up, and the Yongan team of Zhejiang University won the third place.

      In the next step, under the strong leadership of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the CICC will conscientiously implement and implement the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference, anchor the goal of building a strong financial country, adhere to the development idea of "people -centered", and continue to follow the China Securities Regulatory Bureau, Industry Associations join hands together to provide practical things for teachers and students in the school, provide high -quality financial services for economic and social development, and cultivate more high -quality professional financial reserve talents and vitality for the construction of strong financial countries., Transparent, open, dynamic, and tough capital markets provide strong guarantee.

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