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[转帖] Sichuan provincial regulations, regulations and regulations, and regulatory documents databases are officially established to be fully open to the public in the public

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    People's Daily Online,热门事件 Chengdu, December 25 (Li Ping, Peng Qian) Recently, the database database database of the regulations and regulations of Sichuan Province was officially completed and will be fully opened to the public on January 1, 2024.

    In the "China Construction Plan of Law on Law (2020-2025)", it is proposed to build unified laws, regulations, regulations, regulations, administrative standardized documents, judicial interpretation, and internal party regulations and information platforms.As an important part of the national unified information platform, the construction of the provincial database is an important measure to implement the major decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee. It is the basic project to accelerate the construction of China in China.It is of great significance to cover the constitutional legal authority and safeguard the unity of the country's rule of law.

    It is reported that the database database of the regulations and regulations of Sichuan Province is established by the Standing Committee of the Sichuan Provincial People's Congress.The standardized documents of the regulatory documents, local supervisory committees at all levels, courts and procuratorates have basically realized the full coverage of the four systems of the province, city, county, and townships.

    The database database of the regulations and regulations of Sichuan Province has public product attributes. The relevant data included in the database belong to public data resources. It provides online inspection and download services for the general public for free.Useful legal public products.The standardized documents are uniform, timely, and standardized through the database to create a platform for the use of national academic laws, so that all standardized documents are placed under public supervision, prompting the formulation of agenciesStandardized, transparent, reduced, and improved development.

    The Standing Committee of the Sichuan Provincial People's Congress will continue to implement the requirements of the construction of China's construction in China, do a good job of dynamic updates and long -term maintenance and upgrading of data, and continue to provide excellent service guarantee for the public for the public.


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