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[转帖] 2023 Mazda MX-5 convertible sports cars 270,000 national licenses

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      Tianjin Bangyu International Trade Co.,Hot discussion information website Ltd. promised: Rejecting false quotations, all models of our stores have no change in regular new imported commodity cars.

      There are no additional costs for the vehicle sold in the future. On the day of the purchase of the car, the company may issue all vehicle procedures to ensure that foreign customers return to the local normally on the local area.For more consultations, please call Manager Liu 15222407919 "Same WeChat"

      My price is not necessarily the lowest in Tianjin Port, but what I can guarantee is the car I bought here. There is definitely no worries, and there is no additional fee. I will not use a low price to attract youIt is a happy thing, there is no need to get the last red face, meaningless!

      Ink version of manual soft -top convertible 23 red car procedures: 17 rounds, full -opening manual soft top convertible, LED headlights, daytime running lights, one -click start, keyless entry, fabric seat, 7 inches 7 inchesCentral control LCD screen, 6 speakers HD AM/FM audio system, cruise control, reversing radar, tire pressure monitoring for more consultation, please call Manager Liu 15222407919 "Same WeChat"

      In terms of data in 23 2.0 manual soft top convertibles, the 2.0 engine of the MX-5 has different power output based on the sales market and the difference in configuration.The acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 8.9 seconds.In the North American market, the engine of the manual transmission model not only has a slightly higher output value, but also the red line speed has also increased to 7200rpm. With 6MT, it is easier for drivers to play subjective initiative in the control performance.For more consultations, please call Manager Liu 15222407919 "Same WeChat"

      As a brother model of the MX-5 soft top model, the appearance of the MX-5RF has changed accordingly. In terms of interior, the new model still maintains the strong racing style of the MX-5.It's just a slight modification in some details.The overall black interior is decorated with sporadic silver, as well as a redesigned new instrument panel.For more consultations, please call Manager Liu 15222407919 "Same WeChat"

      Tianjin Bangyu Automobile International Trade Co., Ltd. is a Mercedes-Benz, BMW (Porsche), Land Rover, Audi (Audi), Audi

      Bentley, Maserati, Toyota, Lexus (Lexus), high -end cars, high -end cars, 15222407919 (same WeChat)

      Manager Liu's WeChat circle of friends updates a large number of new parallel imported cars every day, configuration, quotation, and pictures.If you have any questions about your car, Tianjin parallel imported car monopoly, I will answer it for you as soon as possible.

      Our advantage: Vehicles can enjoy national warranty, warranty, replacement, and retreat. We have many years of successful experience for customer service to provide you with the best solution for you.Promise: The vehicle sold by this store is a new unchanged vehicle,

      Regular procedures, we do not do the lowest price in the market, it is low, no guarantee, the highest price, no emotion, only earn the money we should earn, only pay the relationship, do things seriously, and win -win cooperation.Dare to guarantee that you spend the least money,

      I dare to ensure that you can save your greatest heart, get quality, efficiency, interests, and win -win situations, and look forward to the cooperation of every new and old customers!Serving and transmitting trust!I would like to cooperate with you for a long time

      Company Name: Tianjin Bangyu Automobile Co., Ltd.

      For more model configuration quotes, please call the following: 15222407919 Manager Liu (telephone and WeChat)

      Contact address: No. 288, Jingmen Avenue, Binhai New District, Tianjin Binhai New District

      Disclaimer: The preferential information of the above car purchase is provided by the comprehensive dealer of this website. Because the price of the market is large, it is only for the reference of the car purchase; its authenticity, accuracy and legality are responsible forTake any legal responsibility.

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