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[转帖] Rolex was severely fined 91.6 million euros by France because of preventing their watches from selling online

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    IT House News on December 21. According to US media reports,Popular information websites the French Competition Administration's opponent's watch brand Rolex made 91.6 million euros (IT House Remarks: Currently about 716 million yuan) fines, because Rolex prevented its authorized dealers from authorizing dealersSelling new watches online.

    A previous survey showed that Rolex strictly controlled the distribution of its luxury watches and limited the market access of other retailers.

    Rolex French company has been accused of restricting its dealers to sell its products online for more than ten years.Regulatory agencies believe that the provisions of the selective distribution contract signed by Rolex France and its dealers belong to vertical agreements restricting competition.

    In this regard, Rolex argued that the regulations for restricting online sales products aimed at maintaining brand image and preventing counterfeit products.

    The French Competition Authority did not accept this reason to refute that Rolex's main competitors were still allowed to sell products online when they were facing similar risks.The agency emphasized that "Rolex's restrictions are not the only means to achieve its goals."

    In addition to fines, Rolex was also ordered to notify its retailers to issue the decision and publish the decision on its website for seven consecutive days in the next two months.

    Rolex France can choose to pay a fine or objection to the fine.The impact of this decision is not only a direct financial blow, but also may cause the review of other luxury brand business behaviors.

    ▲ Screenshot of Rolenate's official website

    In July of this year, a study by WatchFinder & Co. found that half of the products in the luxury watch market are fake Rolex watches.At that time, the company's CEO Arjen Van de Vall told the US media that "Rolex is the most desirable luxury watch brand with the largest demand. Therefore, it is the brand with the most fake."

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