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[转帖] The lowest value of history at the same time!Baoqing County released the weather information forecast in late December

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    Baoqing County 2023

    Forecast in late December

    1. Climate overview in mid -December

    1. Temperature: The热点新闻 average temperature of 11-20 days is -20.9 ° C, the lowest value in the same period, 6.2 ° C lower than the years, 4.5 ° C than last year;It appeared on the 11th.

    2. Precipitation: 0.7mm downshift at 11-20 days, 0.6mm less than over the years, 0.7mm more than last year.

    2. Weather forecast in late December

    Beginning on the 23rd, the temperature was slightly higher than the temperature in the early stage. The average temperature was close to the same period of the year. On the 25th, 30th, and 31st, there were small snow, and the wind was normal.The specific forecast is as follows:


    1. For low temperature periods, please take measures for energy protection, facilities maintenance, and cold prevention and warmth.

    2. Outdoor staff and the public add clothes in a timely manner to prevent cold and warm in time to prevent frostbite; tourists add clothes in time, and pay attention to the heating and leisure area provided by the scenic area in advance; strengthen the prevention of respiratory tract, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

    3. Pay attention to coal and gas heating to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

    4. In the next ten days, the conditions of the atmospheric diffusion are wrong, please pay attention to prevent.

    Original title: "The lowest value of history at the same time!Baoqing County released the Weather Information Forecast in late December ""

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