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[转帖] Burning tire racing game

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    Burning tire racing game,news express website this is a very popular racing game. The game has a variety of levels and maps to support players to choose from. Players in the game can enjoy the real racing driving experience.Do n’t miss it if you like it. Come on Kidsdown to download experience!

    1. Introduce the tire combustion mechanism.When the vehicle is driving at high speed, the tires will cause high temperature due to friction, and may even fire;

    2. This mechanism increases the difficulty and tension of the game, and also increases the playability of the game, allowing you to enjoy the infinite stimulus of driving;

    3. Gold coins can be obtained through competitions. Gold coins can be used to upgrade the performance and appearance of the vehicle, making the game more depth and challenging.

    Burning tire racing game

    1. The simulation of the car accident in the game is very realistic, which makes people feel the impact and harm caused by the car accident;

    2. This not only improves the real sense of the game, but also makes players pay more attention to the importance of safe driving;

    3. There are many types of tracks in the game, including urban streets. Rural roads. Highway, etc.

    Burning tire racing game

    1. The game screen is not exquisite, but the background is very prominent.The blue sky. Baiyun. The sea is very comfortable to watch.

    2. The game method is simple. Just click the touch screen to accelerate and release the touch screen to slow down.

    3. The scenes of each level are different, and there are many scenes.

    1. The main gameplay of the game is to participate in various competitions, including personal competitions. Team competitions, etc.;

    2. You need good results in the game to get more gold coins and honors;

    3. Different tracks have different difficulties and characteristics.Select the right track according to your strength and strategy.

    Burning tire racing game

    Support a variety of driving mode, choose the driving mode according to your preferences to obtain a better control experience;

    There are many types of vehicles, including sports cars .suv. Trucks, etc., choose the right vehicle according to their preferences and competitions;

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