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[转帖] The Standing Committee of the Gansu Provincial People's Congress and Lanzhou University co -organized the joint establishment of the "People's Congress Research" magazine and the whole process of the

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      TheCurrent affairs hot websites meeting emphasized that co -organizing the "one magazine and one center" is a useful attempt to strengthen cooperation and achieve a win -win situation. It is of great significance to exert its own characteristics and strengthen the theoretical research and practice innovation of the people's congress.It is necessary to take the political direction, take Shouzheng Innovation as the foundation of the journal, adhere to the party's surname party, and implement the requirements of politicians to run a journal.It is necessary to guide the practical orientation, promote the development of development as the foundation of a strong journal, strengthen ideological leadership, highlight the characteristics of characteristics, continuously summarize and improve, guide and lead the people's congress to improve the quality and level of work, and better help economic and social development and reform tasks.It is necessary to take the value orientation of solidarity, take multiple results as the source of the journal, establish brand thinking, strengthen the awareness of boutique, improve research methods, deepen research on research, strengthen publicity and interpretation, form a linkage pattern, and launch a number of high -quality research results. The National People's Congress Research "Create the" golden signboard "of the National People's Congress system and the core journal of influential influence in the field of democratic and rule of law in my country.

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