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[转帖] Bentley Continental GT W12, strong performance with Xianglong infrared, good double spelling interior

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    Hi,hot topic website everyone, I was a car repairman who did not want to be arranged for a lifetime. What I wanted was the sea poetry and the distance. After continuous efforts, I still did not become an excellent car porter.First of all, I wish you all the way the door is closed, all the way, the hand brakes are loose, all the way all the way, the engine is sounding, the golden is two thousand, and the throttle is stepped on, and the life is wonderful.Bentley has reserved inheritance of classic design elements, and has been innovated on the basis of retaining traditions. The new European appearance is younger, the interior material is more sophisticated and luxurious, and the interior of the fine work condenses the ingenuity of the manual workers.The family genes are inherited, representing the excellent tradition of racing, the perfect body matches the motivation of irritability, and it can be called the most embarrassing artifact.

    Based on the iconic appearance of the European -containing GT, the front of the vehicle adopts a larger vertical air intake, which can increase the amount of air intake by 15%, and forms a multi -color steel decorative part and a wider extension wheel arch shape, forming a formation, forming a formation, forming a formation, forming a formation, forming it, forming a formation, forming a formation, forming a formation, forming a formation, which formed a formation, which formed a formation, which formed, formed, it was formed.The appearance details different from the GT model.

    Bentley European GT GT's all interior double -color technology activities are luxurious. The steering wheel dual -color technology has three ideas, and the visual sense will be clean. Two high -definition display car industry is fashionable.There will also be a three -sided reversal display screen. First, the console is a 12.3 -inch large screen touch navigation. Don't despise this screen of this screen. Press the button at the bottom left of the screen.The three rounds of the traditional central control, the three rounds represent the thermometer, the stopwatch, and the compass.This seems to return to the former retro Bentley interior --- but the reversal came again. When the start button was turned off, all the unwanted LCD screen was turned.This is an unnecessary chicken rib idea. As a result, Bentley European GT is the existence of a top luxury car, and for luxury, it is really no local tyrant.

    The rear of the car is where the Bentley continental GT GT is the most classic position. The elliptical taillights are used on both sides of the rear of the car. This is one of the iconic designs of the Bentley family. It is inlaid with the winged LOGO of the Bentley family.The entire model is equipped with an electric rear door, as well as the memory of the tail door of the electric, which can record the tailgate angle of the user's habit. After the electricity is turned on, the angle of the memory will be raised directly to the memory.The volume of the tail box and the hard top version of the soft top convertible version is different. Because the soft -top version is to be folded, the rear box space gives a 235 -liter capacity accumulation.Enough to place the luggage you want to carry.Bentley Continental GT W12, Xianglong Red/Liney White/Hot Red Red, on March 2020, 6000 kilometers, with a car clothing!

    X's next preview explanation of Lisai V8 S White/Black Red Inner, licensed in August 2023, 4000 kilometers!

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