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[转帖] From "serving the people" to "serving the overall situation" internal transformation logic

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    Since childhood,High-speed information website "serving the people" has always appeared in the field of vision, and there are such plaques at the entrance of government agencies at all levels.This sentence also means that the government is serving the people. Although I do not know the specific meaning very much, I know that I should be one of the people in the people.

    Social development has reached today, I should be one of the people in the people, but which part of the people among the people?Everbright changes have occurred.

    The meaning of the people and the citizens and citizens is a political concept, which is more general.

    Before the reform and opening up, the main body of the people was the workers and peasants, serving the people, to serve workers and peasants to protect the interests of workers and peasants.

    To the present, the social and economic development of reform and opening up has undergone major changes.From class division to class division, the rich class, middle class and ordinary class.

    For example, demolition and reconstruction involve the interests between real estate developers and ordinary people.The developer owner belongs to the rich class, and the demolition households belong to the ordinary class. Both are part of the people.What part of the people should serve?According to consistent claims, no matter where you stand, it is for the people.

    now that"Serving the people" has begun to become "not pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -",Then it is necessary to fade.So what concept should be used to guide grasping?

    "Serving the overall situation" came into being.It is also demolition. The demolition of shantytowns should focus on serving ordinary strata, and the interests of the people cannot be damaged.In terms of strategic projects involving high -speed rail, we must focus on serving the country's overall strategy.

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