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[转帖] US media: Climate change makes coffee harder and more expensive

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    [Global Times Comprehensive Report] "Climate change makes coffee more bitter and more expensive." Bloomberg reported on the 20th that the increasingly unstable climate has made global crops risk,实时新闻 and coffee beans are no exception.Some coffee bean production areas (land) outputs that are easily affected by temperature decrease, such as gentle and fragrant Arabica coffee beans, and Robusta coffee beans with cold -resistant and hardening taste will become an alternative option.

    Coffee beans, data map

    It is reported that Robusta coffee beans are often used to make quick -soluble coffee, and Arabica coffee beans are more popular with coffee sellers such as Starbucks.Affected by extreme weather such as global warming, the land suitable for the production of Arabica coffee beans is decreasing.Some researchers said that it is necessary to use Robusta coffee beans as alternatives, "consumers will have to get used to other flavors."

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