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[转帖] Will the original ordinary people hit the NBA, will it be dislocated due to the deserved block?Fan: Maybe it may not be covered

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    Original title: Ordinary people call the NBA,Express information website will it be dislocated due to the de -cap?Fan: Maybe it may not be covered

    How powerful is the NBA player's dunk?Many people may not have thought about this problem, but I just feel that the NBA players are dunk in the game.

    Some people say that not only the dunk looks wonderful!The block of the NBA game also looks wonderful. If a hot pot appears in the game, it usually exists like five best balls!

    However, the current question is: If ordinary people go to NBA, will it cause dislocation due to a blocking opponent?After all, the power of NBA players is too strong!

    This is a bit too general. For example: If an ordinary person, or a high length, or a good bouncing, when James prepares a strong dunk performance in the game, this passerby flys up to build a cap.What about the injury caused by lack of upper limb power?

    First, this situation is really difficult to occur.It is difficult to produce not dislocation, but ordinary people's block James.Pay attention to a data, even if he is as height and talent like Wen Ban Yama this season, his average number of blocks per game is more than 3!Then, the average number of blocks of the ordinary NBA players can not reach one, let alone ordinary people.Therefore, the most worried injury will not be to build a hat, but to collide and change.

    Second, it is not just an arm that is injured.In fact, the blocking technology is compared to the air confrontation between the two sides. Without the strong core, the block of the air is difficult to complete!Because when a person is going to block, the back of the waist is straightened.The shots and blocks during the stagnation are supported by the power of this position.If you can't support it, it is likely to be "jumped" and injured by his opponent.

    Third, why are NBA players rarely injured when blocking?It is true that I heard that professional basketball players were injured because of the blockade during the game, because professional players had basic strength training requirements.Just take the CBA as an example, the power of bench press is more than 100 kg.These are the guarantee of physical and strength.

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